Deities in meditation giving advice different to their myths?

I meditated with Odin and got the advice that I can’t control the world around me only myself and my reactions to it …it sounds so different to the Odin in mythology who did everything he could in order to prevent the world from ending … he sought wisdom to change or prevent the inevitable

am i misunderstanding the sagas, the advice given, the meditation or what?

any thoughts? :open_mouth:

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Well if you’d believe the myths, then you would think that a goddess like Tiamat is dead… but she’s not. :joy:


good point :slight_smile:

so the gods evolve and are as modern as we are

the olds gods are not dead

Could be a test, it’s obviously not true and the Norse gods tend to be very interested in helping people develop power.


Maybe it was advice on one particular aspect you were going through e.g. people talking shit ect as that will never change so you either ignore them or take what they say to heart, choice is yours.


What was he referring to when Odin said that?

people that were pissing me off

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People pissing us off and the world ending are two different situations. I think this falls directly into line with the Odin of the myths. He’s not always the vicious battle master, in fact, some of his names relate to hospitality and joy. He’s one of the more complicated gods and it wouldn’t surprise me that he advised you to ignore those people. There isn’t any growth to be gained from getting all pissed off.


That makes sense to me.

I am new to Norse magick/paganism and I’m just learning the myths so at first it seemed contradictory to me.

Thank you for your insight :slight_smile:

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Of course! Norse paganism/ Norse Sorcery is my “home” current. No matter how far I wander from it, I always find myself coming back to it. I wish you luck with your path and keep sharing your experiences with us :grin:


thank you very much! will do!

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I think the paradox there is not how it reads. He actually gave you some very profound information. Our core beliefs change the way we each see the world and interpret it. If you change your core beliefs you change the way the world is. As above so below. So hes telling you to work on yourself thus you will change your reality around you.

I would do 2 weeks of entanglement exercises to start separating your “self”

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Very true.

Do you know where I could find more info on entanglement exercises?

The exercises are not fun they can get quite boring. But what we want to do is separate our consciousness. Do a 10 minute meditation for a few weeks. Simply allow all of your thoughts to flow, but rather be them, observe them from a third person perspective. Do not be yourself. You are rather “watching” yourself. This will untangle you from the grasp of your ego. Thus allowing you the ability to change your core beliefs by separating yourself or “his/herself” from them. Make sense?

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Yes! I’ve read exercises similar to these in the book called Liber Null by Peter J Carroll

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The gods speak in riddles sometimes. Odin in particular speaks that way. I’ve even had him intentionally contradict himself to make me think, and a lot of times he wants you to do things yourself. He seems to be invested in causing change within a person more so than the external world around them. He’s not a god who wants you comfortable and cozy. He wants you ever striving to be your best. It may be a matter of perspective shift that he’s pointing out to you. Change yourself and you change the world.