Deities good for beginner starting invocation?

I would like to start invoking spirits and was wondering who would be easy to start out with. Preferably spirits that don’t give off a strong dark vibe and generally are chill to be with.


Many of the archangels theyre not deities but they are not dark entities, One of the Morrigan, which is basically a title given to 4 sisters, theyre not dark deities but they are death related, there’s also Cernunnos, he’s a cosmic deity aligned with the sky, earth, life, and death @duskwalker works with.


Maybe Michael if you’re more inclined to work with the RHP or Lucifer’s Angelic aspect if you’re more inclined to work with the LHP. Are there any that seem to be calling you?


@anon48079295 is right, Cernunnos and the other primordial gods in any pantheon tend be better interpreted through the lens of what they’re mythologically associated with - Mnemosyne is another one I work quite closely with and she sorta balks at the opinion of an LHP or RHP and to some degree Cernunnos finds those designations laughable. Morality is such a relative thing and it should be considered the folly of human ego to graft it to a cosmological scale incorporating deities and immortal beings that exist beyond our most basic understandings. But that’s neither here nor there.

The Greeks tend to be super responsive deities as they are often the ones most Westerners tend to try to contact first, followed very closely by the Norse/Celtic pantheons, and the Egyptian of course. I’ve actually been meaning to investigate more into Australian Aboriginal mythology because their stories of creation and the Dreaming are totally riveting and I find them fascinating.

If you’re looking to start into magic and desire a good teacher I would go with Hecate/Selene(Selini)/Artemis/Diana or one of her other gnostic forms. If she doesn’t answer herself she’ll likely send you a spirit that will. This spirit will help build you up to a level in which she feels she can work with you.

When I tried contacting Nyx, literally a pillar of creation, as an arrogant shitheaded 17 year old, Mnemosyne intercepted and worked with me instead and never left. That night, she gifted me a memory that I still hold on to to this day when times seem rather bleak. I had no idea Mnemosyne guarded Nyx, but apparently that’s what their relationship is.

Anyway, I hope this helps steer you in the right direction.


Also to clarify, @Bleeding-Rose, when you say invoke do you mean evoke?

Invocation is an internal interaction.

Evocation is an external interaction.

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I second this. So much. I was 12 when I first tried to contact the Greek deities especially Artemis and succeeded. Artemis also gave me a symbol of her that I’ve kept with me at all time. I’ve encountered other spirits but the Greek goddesses felt especially …godly. Idk how they treat adults because I was a teen back then but they were so kind and sisterly/ motherly, and yet so powerful and solemn. But they have a stronger moral core than some spirits, I feel, so they might look at everything you’ve done and express approval/ disapproval before giving guidance. In my experience Hera does this very explicitly.


Absolutely this. I’ve not worked with Hera but Apollo was my introduction to the Greeks. I had this horrible experience of witnessing the transference of energy from worshippers to the Vatican during a catholic mass and I cried out to him to save me. I was surrounded by a white light from him. He was awesome. Playful too, after that he used to play with me outside and in my room - games and shit. I prayed to him every Sunday in church as opposed to Yahweh for almost 13 years. I was working exclusively with him and Artemis for a while before Mnemosyne revealed herself when I tried to contact Nyx.

While I work primarily with Cernunnos and Mnemosyne (and her daughters and Apollo by virtue of him hanging around) I’ve always remained very very loving to the Greeks. To me they’re the pantheon that seems to be the most human like, yet endearing toward us. They want us to develop, to learn, and to grow because they love watching us experience the world that was created for us.

And as a somewhat unrelated feather in their cap, if you read the ancient mythologies of Chaos and Nyx giving birth to the pillars of the universe it reads like a personified Big Bang. It’s beautiful.


Shiva, Krishna, Radha, Parvati, Sarasvati. All have different benefits so be sure to research them briefly


Yep the Greeks gods feel very celestial but act like family and see humans as their children. Of course there are differences within the family and yes I take sides, mostly with the goddesses lol.

Also I stopped working with Artemis (though I still keep her in my heart) but years later she still dropped by. I just didn’t feel as connected with the pantheon anymore but idk lately i’ve been thinking of going back to them.


It can never hurt to give them a buzz, thats for sure <3

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It depends on what you mean by Dark. And consider that true Dark entities can bring about change you may not be ready for, using methods you may not want, or show you things you may not like. However, there are deities that are or can be dark aligned.

Odin is the Norse god of knowledge, war, and magic. He’s not dark, but is not a stranger to it.

Hecate is the Greek goddess strongly associated with the magical side of death and the underworld.

The Morrigan is a triple goddess from Celtic mythology. You can think of her as one goddess with three different faces or three goddesses under one title. She is a goddess of many different things depending on the face given from warfare, the land, wealth, and sovereignty, to death, magic, and night. I see her as a goddess who carries the keys to the other world. In my opinion, she’s an interesting goddess, but is the type who is picky with whom she works with. I think Odin is much more open.

Thoth/Tehuti is the Egyption god of heavily associated with knowledge, magick, and writing. I see him as very light, but is still a lunar deity.

But generally, gods of knowledge and/or magick will be your best benefit as beginner.

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Actually the Morrigan is 4 Goddesses/sisters, the idea of them all being faces of Morrigan is a later adaptation. They were originally 4 sisters named Babd, Nemain, Morrigan, and Fea. The Morrigan became their group name like a coven. Just as Babd has a legion under her named the babd.


well I have a hard time with the idea of being able to communicate with a spirit externally do to my lack in sensing energy. I think invocation would be easier for a beginner do to it not requiring well developed senses. I should have added that i am trying to find a guide to help me open my subconscious mind with out going insane from ripping it wide open on accident.


Do it and let us know your experience with it :slight_smile:



Its okay if you have trouble sensing energy… there are visual cues like watching the incense crowd around your offerings and the way the candle flames dance. Energy sensing can take time to develop. My advice would be to do an evocation first (but to be clear, I am not talking you out of doing an invocation, if thats what works for you by all means <3 ) and learn the deity’s visual cues first. After the first few times, sometimes immediately mind you, you will start to be able to sense them around.

This is a sorta “rip the band aid off” method, haha.

I wish you the best of luck, please let us know what you end up doing and the results you get!


What do you mean @anon48079295 4 sisters are you referring to Morgana the Celtic deity and dadga ?

The Morrigan is an individual Goddess but also later was used to define the her and her sisters Macha, Nemain, Babd, and Fea who are all actually sisters and not faces or aspects of the individual Morrigan.

As for the Dagda, he’s not with the Morrigan but was with Babd.