Deities for more than one task

I have a relationship with King Paimon and Astarte and have asked them for help with some task (that they are helping with now) but I could use Asartes War side and The Kings influence on a situation. Spirits are all good with asking for an addition task correct or should I wait till others are done. Thanks !

Personally I’ve always waited for one task to finish up before asking for something else. Then again I’m sure they understand necessity, might shift your priorities a bit, but I don’t believe it would hurt to ask.

In my experience with working on a task with spirits they’ve asked I waited before calling another. I’m not sure if that’s because they want to show off what they can do… or if it would mess things up. But I’ve never been disappointed sticking with one deity. I want to think its because working with only one or two, theres a stronger connection which enables them to work more in your life.

I defiantly can see how sticky with one or a few makes a deeper connection. I am working with Asarte for Love, but the war aspect is love to use to help me with another situation.