Deities, entity's fight for attention?

Would Morrigan, Lilith, hektic fight for someone’s attention???

Maybe not fight but they would have a friendly rivalry to see who would have that practitioners’ attention. If you wanna see a good fictitious portrayal of that competitive dynamic between Deities then read Neil Gaiman’s “American Giods” or watch the excellent cable adaption on Showtime.


I work with all three and haven’t noticed any rivalry. But I work with them on very different things.

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Tge thing is Lilith is pointing me in one direction, Morrigan is pointing me in another direction, and hektic is idk yet she just keeps dropping hints, signs she is around ???

Ty I will

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It’s interesting, but did you notice that in both your posts, you typed Lilith and The Morrigan’s names correctly and capitalized, and typed Hecate’s name incorrectly and in all lowercase?
Seems Hecate isn’t on your priority list at all, she could help but you’re ‘just not that into her’.

It’s up to you, pick a direction and work it?


That’s cuz I never worked with her I never looked into working with her, now Lilith has been in my life for some time, just in the shadows till now, she is helping me alot right now. But I also have worked with Morrigan recently, and in the time of need she also helped me, and is attached to me also and quiet frankly she don’t want to leave, but Hecate has just shown up out of nowhere and not sure why so yes it’s a decision i have to make and I’m pretty clear on where I wanna go were I need to go ty

They won’t fight for your attention no, they don’t need your attention so fighting for it means nothing to them. Real Gods won’t will only waste so much time on someone before going about their lives. Because in the bigger picture with or without you they don’t really need you.

Rungr there are thousands of forgotten deities i.e. goddesses ad gods no longer venerated whom would disagree with you. Trust me humans no longer working with them effects them.

They aren’t forgotten, humans act like cause they forget about these deities that it makes a difference, news flash there’s an entire existence outside of your own life. I will still disagree, humans here not working with them won’t affect them much if at all. There are many other races who work with them, and in my experience humans here arent the only humans, there’s humans in the etheric. So I think they’d more than likely disagree with you rather than me.

Distinguish a thoughtforms need to be worshipped and feed off it from a deity who lived and grew long before we were around and will still live on long when we’re gone, occultist overestimate their importance by a large way.


Rungr but those deities that supposedly have no need for humans reveal themselves to human that are supposedly so lowly within the multiverse yet those deities have no need of humans. Wow that’s just an perplexing paradox.

It’s not uncommon for these beings to reveal themselves, doesn’t mean they need us given humans NEED them atleast the ones that call on them for help. They will live on with or without us lol. Humans got to complacent in the idea that these long existing beings need us. They practiced just as we do all they need is their will to keep developing. Besides most people don’t know how to tell the difference between a real entity and a “real” thoughtform creation of their mind or the collective minds of humans who actually believe they’re calling on the real entity.

Rungr oh so it’s the thoughtforms calling on humans and not deities themselves; because deities don’t need humans and the are too bust doing god stuff to be bothered with us right?

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How do you tell the difference?

Helping “us” in things doesn’t mean they need us. However, yes there are thoughtform versions of a handful of the Gods created by humans who lack the ability to tell the difference.

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Rungr so every time you personally work with a deity of high powered demonic entity then you yourself understand it’s just a thought form and not the actual spiritual entity right?

If you can’t scan and tell the difference between the real entity from a thoughtform looking to use you as a battery because they need you then it leans to an issue. I doubt everyone contacts the actual entities and not thoughtform versions of them.

Rungr so in your reply you basically implying that you have the ability to work with the actual spiritual entities rather demonic or divine but everyone else is working with thought-forms correct?

Many others do to, I don’t call on deities and such for help, that’s why I said “us” as in humans as a whole.Not once did I ever make an imply of such. However, yes there’s a handful of people who do not actually work with the real entities.

Rungr okay nice backtrack. I see there’s no need to dialogue further on that topic.

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