Deities and Spirits from past lives

Do deities and other spirits remember you from past lives?


Yes, all the entities I know currently are due to past life connections.


According to astrology you can bring an unfinished job from another life, which has relation to a planet which is connected to a deity.
so for example if you were born with a Mercury retrograde you have a work in progress connected to Hermes. so yes he remembers you

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I’ve been with the demons for many lifes, I just knew them by other names and in other contexts. At some point of this present incarnation, they picked me up like “long time no see”, although they’ve been watching me since forever.


Yup. My spirit boyfriend i have been with in multiple past lives. And a goddess i work with i knew in my most recent past life because she lived in a physical vessel the same time as me back then and we knew each other. Its pretty awesome when you can make such reconnections with beings.


pro-occult tip: focus on things you can prove to yourself, by yourself.

You dont need to be ancient godform to succes on magick

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Pretty much, and not everyone has one so.


I’m not familiar with this…how about someone born under both Saturn and Chiron retrogrades?

Spirits know me mostly by my angelic name
I gave myself in this Forum: Lukianof.
I also found out the name of a friend: Mitrabrahim.
He is close to Sitri and meant, he could not believe Sitri to know his citizen name.

Spirits remember people from life to life.
Especially those who had pacts.
Those they want to get back I’ve read.


Usually saturn retrograde will point out you have more than one past live karma accumulated
you were working on karma the past life, and you have to continue the job in this life (is meta)
according to the sign is it on there are different tasks it might imply
with chiron retrograde, it usually means you have a karmic wound, you are still healing in this life
you brought with you some past life pain or damage you have to heal
is important you see the aspects of saturn mostly to the sun or pluto
as aspects to the sun might indicate a relationship with this life and aspects to pluto might indicate the way of overcoming this karma.

Argh. My soul is so worn out I was really hoping this incarnation would be my last.