Deification Rite questions

I heard a time back about the deification rite, i believe with this rite the operator evoke his or somebody’s higher self, but can he also evoke somebody’s sub consciousness? and instruct the sub consciousness things just like hypnosis, such as gain or unlock psychic abilities.

As far i have read about the deification rite a animal is sacrificed to the higher self of a person, but i wonder can the higher self also be instructed to communicate with the sub consciousness to unlock psychic abilities or directly instruct the higher self to unlock those psychic abilities

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No, that is not the purpose of the ritual. Its purpose is empowerment and Ascension. It may or may not unlock any extra powers, though those who have had it done have reported a large influx of energy.

The subconscious is not reached through the Higher Self or Godself but through the conscious self.

Why not evoke your own subconscious? @Lady_Eva did so and describes it here: