I decided I really needed to begin incorporating something else into my daily meditation. I chose to consecrate/open the sigil of Deggal this morning as I feel I need to get more experience with contact of spirits before I attempt proper evocation. I thought a sigil opening might be a good first step.

I drew out the sigil of Deggal on a 5x5" parchment square, taped the back onto my black leather spirit board and sat in front of it. I meditated down until achieving at least an alpha state with eyes closed. I opened my eyes and gazed at the sigil and immediately felt like the my field of vision become somewhat more 3 dimensional, that might not make much sense but at the same time as this 3D spacial feeling I felt a mental pull towards the sigil, almost a magnetic pull.

The lines of the sigil disappeared/ doubled with blurred vision and at one point seemed to be just a square of blank paper with it totally gone. This was with having my left eye open only as to prevent blurring and at this point my body on it’s own straightened up in posture as if guided without my conscious mind and a total open eyed trance ensued. There seemed to be a presence, my psychic vision was seeing the golden aura of the things in the room and at some points a light energy seemed to be in the room/ filling it up. I would say the theta/gamma sync was achieved for quite some time.

This was an added effect to my normal state of meditating down so the sigil did produce a different effect than I would experience normally. I only asked that I be enveloped in the light and wisdom of the Angel, it was my only request. At one point when in the trance(theta/gamma sync) my consciousness shifted to my spirit body awareness and my body was completely numb whilst my physical hands were being pushed together in a clasp which felt like an energy was building up by this pressure. This wasn’t me trying to do this, it was happening out of my general control, although I didn’t try to stop it.

Interestingly and quite spontaneously my hands were pulled out from their cupped position under my dan tien and pulled out very slowly and guided into an outstretched and upwards position to the side of my body to the heavens and up to my head and placed on my head in which caused some activity in my third eye on contact. Soon after this I quite quickly came out of the trance and into a more awake state in which I folded the sigil and put it away.

Overall the ritual lasted 60 minutes or just over. Right after I finished up I went in and gave my girlfriend a big hug/ longer than usual and she relayed to me that she had amazing dreams of being pulled through a vortex to an amazing spiritual world of beauty, which would’ve coincided with me doing the ritual in terms of time as she was sleeping. Anyway, just thought I’d share with my fellow mages. :slight_smile:

Anyone else had any experience with this Angel?


Beautify experience man. Thanks for sharing.
Did you feel like time warped for you? Maybe sped up or slowed down? I ask becaus you mentioned that it took 60 min as if you maybe were surprised that it took so long. I’ve had evocations that seems like only 15 minutes, but it was more like 2 or 3 hours hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh definitely, DK. I would probably have to say in this case, time slowed down. 60 minutes is fairly quick for me for my weekend morning meditations, although I wasn’t at all concerned with time during the ritual and it took on a different feel altogether compared to normal. It also seemed that the ritual was brought to an end not by my choice. I usually try to eliminate the need to check time on my weekend practice only because I can get the ultimate de-stressing of body and mind and major relaxation and deep trance by foregoing it and I also get up really early to do it. Plus it’s just so damn enjoyable to be in trance that sometimes it can stretch out too 2-2.5 hours before I sense my girlfriend getting pissed it me to do some household duties and spend time with her. Lol!


Awesome story! Deggal is really cool to work with. He opened my eyes to light and energy. Congrats on your success!!


Thanks, Zach! Glad to hear someone else has worked with him. I will for now keep the sigil of Deggal on hand as I would like to make contact again with him and see if I can develop an even stronger connection/experience. It took a lot out of me to be honest. Perhaps due to pushing my spiritual faculties beyond previous limits. Might just need a little rest and I will go for it again. :wink:


Just an update on my experience with Deggal;

This may interest you Zach,

Since the working, from the day after, I began to see white light flashes in my peripheral vision, usually when this happens it tends to be black/shadowy but lately they have been white. I also have seen white flashes around my chest/torso area several times.

This has all lead up to a peak point when I was lying down late at night to go to sleep. I was still awake so I felt propelled to gaze into the dark towards the ceiling. I began to see swarming white light gathering and dispersing over and over until it came close to my head and peripheral vision then pulsed out in front of my vision in a tunnel like formation perhaps six feet or so in front of my eyes and at the end of each pulse was a heart formation. Looked sort of like cumulus cloud formations in fast movement in a tunnel pattern. This was very strong open eyed visual phenomena and very bright/light considering the blackness of the room. Quite possibly the strongest open eyed visuals I’ve ever experienced yet.


I had a similar experience with Deggal in that my arms were pulled into an outstretched position, like a cross, eyes closed. It felt like my entire body stopped. No breathing and absolutely no awareness of any functions.A moment later I could see myself floating within a swirling light. My eyes popped open and I breathed in like I had been under water. All in all the entire operation was very short but intense. The thought of it still makes me dizzy.


That’s awesome and validating for me to see you write that,
apocolypticor. Have you noticed any particular changes in your life or perceptions since your working? I have to say that I have been much calmer than usual. I feel a sense of the energy around me much more and less fearful, more open. I feel compelled to avoid certain people who are of no good to me and are of nasty character. Family bonds have been strengthened somewhat as well and people have tended to be mindful of their thoughts when they come into contact with my etheric field. These are the things I have noticed after two openings of Deggal’s sigil. People seem to respond better to me so far.


Directly after my father in-law and I started getting along 100% better. There were some residuals from another working I had done that were lagging on my wife, they as well disappeared immediately. My physical energy was through the roof for a few days after that also.
Now that I think about it, these situations were altered and have not in any way reverted to what they were.


Did a third and final opening of Deggal’s sigil a couple of days ago. A similar thing happened with my arms being pulled out and upwards reaching to the ceiling. Each time I’ve done an opening my hands come back to my face and I breathe in deeply as if energy is being transferred from my hands into my face and through my body. Interesting. One final thing with this opening was that it was powerful yet subtle as his energy is obviously benign;

Gazing at the sigil it disappeared for minutes. This wasn’t blurred vision as I was only seeing a single blank piece of parchment. This happened several times during this ritual and the most interesting thing to note is that while deep in open eyed trance, my whole visual spectrum turned inside out. Just like negatives of a photograph, except the reverse was all golden and white instead of black and white. As I folded the sigil and layed down to get some rest, that’s when I felt the rapture of a being enveloping my body in a warm golden light utterly and completely. Like a warm opiate wave of euphoria without the heaviness and my third eye vision seeing swirling whites and golds.

I’ll leave my experience at that, hopefully that resonates with some of you on this forum. My first ever working with an angel. If any of you would have any suggestions on what to do with the sigil now, that’d be great. I’m thinking I should burn it as I feel my work is done for now with this being. Or is it better to file it away for later use? As I mentioned earlier, there is no physical manifestation I’m waiting for, just contact. TIA.


I had similar experience however it was days later and was not in the midst of evocation but simply sitting outside on a bench at work. It was like I could see the particles that made up everything. The mountains, the people, everything was in this ever moving gold particle. I then was invoked with such a peace and understanding that this what we are. After that everyone that walked past me smiled and said hello or something similar which is quite unlike anything normal for me.