Define a "God" - Reality Is Humbling

I ask myself these hard but honest questions and find the answers quite humbling.

Are we really “Gods” …?

  • Are you still dependent on food for energy?
  • Do you have to go to the bathroom like other animals?
  • Can you create a human or a tree or even a blade of grass?
  • Were you not once a helpless infant who couldn’t speak?
  • Do you make your blood flow, lungs breathe?
  • Did you create the universe, earth and yourself?
  • Do you realize you were taught language of which you used to create your whole identity, thought structure and belief systems?
  • Are not your desires the same basic ones as everyone else?
  • Have you even manifested enough money as a king much less a God?
  • Do you control disease, injury and natural disasters?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions???

  • Do you know who or what a God is outside the limits of thoughts, beliefs, perceptions?
  • Do you know who created the Spirits?
  • Do you know who created you?
  • Do you know who created language in the first place?

or these???

  • Do you realize we only perceive 2,000 out of 400 BILLION bits of information our brain process’ every second through our senses?
  • Do you realize we only see .009% of the electromagnetic spectrum?
  • Do you realize you are only 1 of 7 Billion people on this planet?
  • Do you realize we are less then a grain of sand in comparison to the earth, the sun is as big as all our solar systems planets combined, our sun is a dot to the 90 billion suns in our galaxy, there are an estimated 10,000 galaxies in 1 dot in space with an estimated total of 90 trillion galaxies?

Well, technically we are microcosms of the macrocosm. We are pieces of “God”. But, we have the ability in our DNA. Only 3 dna strands are active(3 dimensions we live in) of the 15 strands we have. Each strand representing another plane of Consciousness. Once all strands are active, we are at our Maximum Potential.

Bad ass Right!? =)

I like your answer :slight_smile:

However, I know many healers, especially Reconective, Absent and Quantum whose job is to activate DNA which I have experienced. Even so they could not account for any of my questions about creation or true Godlike power.

I am not detracting from self mastery or downplaying the ability to transform reality in certain way, my point being to define Godhood in humble truth. One can’t know where to go until they know where they are. Asking these questions helped me tremendously.

Yes, there is Toby Alexander, however i only heard he can only activate the fourth stand of DNA. However, there is Gustavo Castaner. He is known for his sounscape videos to activate all DNA strands.

I was told by a Priestess of an occult order Azazel and his nethers can activate the strands as well.

Back on topic.

Well, set that goal for you ritual workings. If need be, speak to Archangels as they are said to have seen the true God, im sure they will have information regarding your questions, or maybe even the Watchers. They know EVERYTHING.

But i have to admit, i admire your questions for this knowledge. It is intriguing.


Thank you Titan! :slight_smile:

I really do have a few “lightworker” friends who literally make a living activating DNA, up to 11 strands tho I have not personally had it done. I have however had Reconnective Healing which is one of a kind. The woman stood 4 feet from me and spiral vibrating light as palpable as electric kept going into my body and making me vibrate. It got so intense my eyes kept flickering then all the sudden the room was filled with “Angels” I could see and feel physically. Mind you I went into this healing thinking it was no different then Reiki yet it was the most powerful experience I have had in my life. These Angels told me they were 5th dimensional and due to our place in the universe at this time, there frequencies are moving through with much more ease, that a veil is parting. Then afterward the woman told me that there would be a chance I would mess with electronics after leaving. I was already completely dumbfounded so that wasn’t much of a stretch to accept. Sure enough, I went home to my parents house at the time and there light went off and I laughed and told them about my experience. They didn’t believe me. I leaned against the balcony door and shut ALL the outside lights out! We are all pretty dumbfounded lol I was supposed to go back to complete the healing/reconnection but instead went to Idaho, dated a famous medium, broke up with her and rebelled by going into the LHP. Which I wasn’t prepared for and eventually lead to my life becoming chaos. 3yrs later I overcame all the adversity and yet I find myself back here, but with more strength and greater questions. Perhaps I need to go back to that woman and get the reconnection completed! lol

I will follow your advice Titan and that made me feel good that you appreciate my questions.


Hey All!

Definitely thought inspiring questions Satori. I’ve always approached them in an inverted sense when I first started out though. So in that vein it’s only when you ascend to “Godhood” can you contemplate “God” and it’s mysteries in theory by the time your there though you would already “know” so to speak.
I know it sounds backwards and fortune cookie-esque lol. But just hear me out for a bit: each individual interprets energy in their own unique way (all forms of interacting electromagnetic energy i.e the interplay of atoms that result sound light and mass etc). For example the word “blue” is a description of an individual’s experience of a frequency of light reflected off of an object. My experience of that color is not the exact same as another person’s because each individual perception and interpretation of electromagnetism is unique all to their own, thus their own reality of “blue” lol.
The word is just an agreement between the observers that resemble a close approximation of the experience. Following along this line of thought, two competent individuals divining the same willing entity with the same question may receive two completely different polar answers who’s right? They both are. Now in regards to “Godhood” and the contemplation of “God” it’s mysteries you would in turn “know” these things when you achieve that unfiltered energetic state.
Pursuing all concepts of perfection (physically, mentally, and spiritually) within your reality and understanding intimately how this affects the world around you, is when in theory when your will can be freely expressed(in regards to your first post Sat). In any case I’m going to take my hippe ass to the store and pick up some smokes lol. I hope i helped in some way.