Deficient Root chakra

Greetings guys :pray:

I was told that my Root chakra is very deficient or defective.I was told that it is because of the traumas I experienced as a child (probably because the biggest breakup of my parents)
I have been feeling this unbalanced ungrounded feelings very intensively for the last few months and I have tried grounding in various ways but it does not help enough to cure this chakra.What are the best ways to heal this chakra?


Om kleem om.
If you repeat it for 10000 times it will permanently help you attract things as its main benefit and as a side benefit it helps with root chakra.
Personally tho Kaamdev seems to be the guy on the server who could tell you what to do best


You can also try to wear red trousers, red socks red stones… And lots of Om but like long ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the vibration of mmm push it in the chakra. At least some 15 minuts.

You can also try advanced energy work but it’s a little tricky. Are you familiar with it?

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@Rav No no do you mean Reiki energy healing?

You could try vibrating the Bija mantra for the Muladhara, LAM.

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Aum is pronounced with all of the sounds you can make without moving your tongue.



(guttural) auuuuu


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Nope not really, actually is about moving the energy of the chakra in a direction doing it bigger and bigger with one hand at the beginning and than of course with both. Do it many times in both directions but be Sure that last movement is in the same direction as you started and equally Big and with the same Hand you started