Defensive array

Defense against baneful curses, vengeance, and spite.

Please understand that using this sigil is part of a meditation during which time one relaxes themselves and searches innerly their own sensations such as breathing pattern and sensations in the chest particularly.

Imagine this is something like a Pokémon ball that captures anything you throw at it. Only, anytime you feel potential invasive influence, imagine it being filtered through this first. Imagine yourself slightly behind and on the left side of the person who you feel is invasion upon you. Then behold the scene of how your assumed opponents casts forth into the sigil which is hidden behind their sigil in an imaginary darklight space. No exertion is due so your sigil remains invisible. So you must but simply stand behind and observe.

Afterwards, your sigil will have absorbed the essence of their sigil whilst they will still feel the radiance of their own. So then very quickly imagine throwing your sigil into an ecliptic flash of white heat. Then you must go and do something which makes you happy and turn your mind away from those things.

Now I strongly do not recommend this at all but this is how I personally deal with baneful whatever. After my sigil has preemptively absorbed the essence of the hurtful, assume a form which is resonate to the energy within. Then, jump into the sigil but don’t really move around much. Just feel and observe. See the composition and sequential laws within. Measure the qualities. Sense the intervals of the harmonic pulses. I generally use the form of Black Fire to do this work.

The best defense is a great offense…likewise one has an offensive defense and an aggressive offensive defense. Likewise, incorporated Dragon Style is one of the deadliest styles out there, which was taught mostly to the Royal Imperials.