Defense against the dark artz

Sorry if this post goes against forum rules! If it does please dm me or comment and I’ll remove or move hte post. I’m not new but its been a while! Anyways as anyone who has read my journal can tell you my name is Acrians Locket pronounced (ac-ronz) (lock-het) and I have been doing magick for around 3-4 years. Anyways, I started a series on my youtube channel aimed at new magicians called “defense against the dark arts” its kind of a mix between a black magick course, a pop culture magick course, a magick general introduction course and more. Eventually i’ll move on to demons but not yet! Anways I just wanted to share it with the forum. I’ve seen other magicians promote their chanels without penalty but they were also on the site longer so idk. I don’t just do this series sometimes i voice over my journal and make vids so here it is.

(in defense of popculture magick)
and lastly for the fae folk and those who work with little people

(last one from my regular channel but i feel like it will help somebody here cus we ALL KNOW THE REAL REASON people get into black amgick taruama)

Anyways feel free to remove this post if it violates any of the rules. I do take requests for youtube vids and junk. ANyways so yeah! that’s al for now.

also pss: i am not insnae anymore! :slight_smile:

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At least you’re trying, putting yourself out there, which is scary by itself, and doing something to help others find the info they need. It will resonate with plenty of people, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t resonate with others - they will find thier thing elsewhere.

Good luck with your endeavors :slight_smile:

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ah thankies