Ok so some bring bane, no immediate need on my behalf (maybe) but defence against the dark artist? My intuition would be to be the darker artist but that’s not always wise nor is it always applicable…

Looking for methods one can do with the mind, I think this post should be ‘noob friendly’ (lyk 4 me lulz), it may encourage lurkers to participate in the site being as it removes fear knowing how to protect.

As always all input is appreciated and the post is for all of us


I’ve always liked that other golden rule: do unto others before they do unto you. :smiling_imp:

Seriously though, Practical Psychic Self-Defense by Robert Bruce is a pretty good modern book on this topic, and you can’t go wrong with the older classic Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune.


thank you, for some reason I didn’t get this notification but I shall definitely be checking that out. Your rule is gold also and suits myself just fine