Defeating crab bucket mentality in others

To have people quit being life hindrances, and in aiding ascent, how to get people either out of that mentality, or leaping rather than climbing out of the bucket?

Would spirits related to mind control, or words of power change the minds of others?
Barbatos and Shax came up in a tarot draw (Judgement, Queen of Swords, Nine of Swords), so perhaps look into them.

The crab bucket mentality is such that a bucket of crabs is sitting on sand near the ocean, but they can’t see that until they pass the bucket brim or climb out over others to aid their escape. Rather than have one move past them, the others will pull that one down and it ends in a continual cycle.
This is also equivalent to a person being in a rut.


In. Demons of Magic, Barbados is sad to be helpful in breaking a veil of secrecy placed by another occultist.

Seems a road opener scenario, I guess I will have to resort to it as its been brought to me several times.

I recall the Golden Dawn had a thing called a West Banner, and if a photo or item of a person faced the west banner directly over or covering the west banner, or placed behind the banner facing the banner, it was impressing the idea of shutting down the magic of the person.


@Fuego just ignore what other people are doing and focus on you man. You’re the only person you can actually control.

Also don’t be reactive and allow other people to dictate your responses to things.

For the most part here on Balg I wouldn’t say we suffer from too much crab mentality. Mostly everyone is very helpful. That’s my thoughts.


Honestly I’d say you’d be better off focusing on yourself over others. Try talking to Cimeries


Or you could try a working that exposes what you need them to see very clearly. Or an unbinding so they are not so attached to the idea. As ideas are not buckets, but I get can be very binding.

If they are so attached to the idea that it’s become part of thier identity, it will be very hard, and very uncomfortable for them to have it challenged. This is why “cognitive dissociation” is a thing. You can tell someone the obvious truth and if it threatens thier identity they will do all kinds of mental gymnastics to avoid looking at it, or just call you a liar. Also consider you could be wrong, depends what it is.
In this case, if they are bothering you try a binding to keep them from working against you, it will be easier and faster.

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