Deeper way of magic

Hello everyone,

In this thread I would like to share a sort Information about a way of doing magic.

Subliminals are a thing and probably you all know what it is. But most of you when you see this word probably only think of clicking a play button and listening to something nonsense like rain falling or violins being played at different volume.

The general idea is not bad, but this whole subliminal business turned out to be 1000x times reuploaded rain sounds renaming the video to whatever the common desires are.

But this is what the true ancient way of this magic really looks (and how to use it nowadays) and what’s the only way it works:

  1. The first subliminals were the drums at the ancient times that they played around the fire, praising for a good hunt. It only worked because the one who “composed” the “music” had the intention of achieving a good hunt while composing.
    So his thoughts that created the tones were influenced by the other part of his brain that was focusing on the intent of a good hunt.

Conclusion: If someone downloads “rain falling.mp3” and uploads it as “Energy cleaning subliminal” it will
Never work only if it’s like a placebo thing for you.

How you can use this information to find real “subliminals” or let’s call them real music that serves what you want?

  1. In the “modern” days this is a huge part of our life, let’s say Mozart. He could have 95% the same problems/happiness source that we all have.

And it’s all ready here is the technique that you needed to read this whole thread for:

Concluding from the drum example, let’s say Mozart was unhappy because her mother passed away (example) so you need to find music that he composed from around that time when this event happened because it’s obvious from how a human brain and it’s subconscious part works, when a shock like this happens, it will influence all thoughts.

So the music he was composing around that time are basically a subliminal because the intent or the hidden subconscious influence of the mind is there in the songs.

So here is how to apply this technique for you needs: You look up classical music composers, you read their life events and try to match the composed music matching in time to that life event.

The hardcore technique: Let’s say you want to move out and buy a new home, you need to find a composer who moved from a bad place to an awesome by himself, and listen to the music the he was composed BEFORE the moving, because he was only thinking about to move away, so the intent is there in those music.

I’m not a native English speaking person but I hope you get the general idea.


  1. Don’t try this with music after 1920, after that it’s all about revenue, clicks, so it won’t work with them
    because when those music were composed the only thing the composer care about is the revenue.
  2. Intent is the key, music that were done for “fun”
    won’t work because the intent is so low, you need to find composers who “escaped” their life’s into music because that’s where the 100% intent is transmitted into the music.

+1 The only one way to create subliminals is to have a clear intent and an imagined picture of your desire the whole time you compose a song.

So sorry to tell this but those YouTube copycat rain failing sounds are only uploaded for revenue and has 0% of intent out into them, the only way they could work is placebo.

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