Deep thoughts about all

Hello everyone, I’ve a few thoughts that you may have an answer for and that may lead to understanding a self better.

If we say that infinite do exist (as we have to admit this because the fact that numbers are infinite)

So with that being said, anything could be infinite.
The universe, they say is infinite, but this sentence is misleading, because if something is infinite and you say it like this it means there is one thing that’s endless.

But the real logical thinking says: if something is infinite it means that the amount of that something is infinite itself too.

So now we are at that our universe is itself infinite(by size) and at the same time it’s infinite by quantity too.

And here is the deal, if everything is infinite by size and by quantity too, you yourself have to exist infinite times too, but how you have a soul in each copy of yourself?

And the whole idea of past life’s and reincarnation does not fit into this idea, like how can your soul reborn if at somewhere else that thing already happened, infinite amount of time?

And just to end this because this idea ofc could bring up 1000 questions, but in this infinite “game” since the population is increasing or had to increase at some point, how a new soul is “produced”?

Even if you can’t answer this it’s just a reminder that all we want or lust for, already happened infinite amount of times.

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From what i have been taught. No, universe is not infinite but its too hard to find its ending so it is termed as infinite because if it was infinite the concept of multiverse and parallel universe would not make sense.

Its quantity has an ending too.

whats the problem if it has happened infinite times? It can keep on happening.

See the number of people who died in the past is way more then the people who are living so it would not be a big deal for the already existing soul to get a new body, right?

If the universe is infinite, all things must be infinite in essence. so separate events really do not exist; neither are greater and lower positioning. Think of things that are “far” look smaller, and things that are “closer” look bigger.

There would be both infinite space between matter as well as infinite matter. (And non-matter too).

Regarding the soul, how I see it is that souls keep bodies. instead of bodies keeping souls. But in a way like a tree. Each leaf, an incarnation of the branch, each branch a section of a bigger branch, which goes to another one, and so on and on.

Despite one leaf being different to another (and there are bigger leaves and smaller leaves), there are also fruits that in question create new Trees. and so on and on until we reach this point, right now when I am writing to you.

The idea of the multiverse and there existing multiple versions of us I believe isn’t true and just gets jumbled in the idea that future choices already exist or all choices exist later on. I see it as each universe in the multiverse has its own life and our choices only affect ourselves in the sense multiple choices exist up until a choice is made and said other choices cease to exist as an option not exist in another point in the multiverse.


I don’t see that this follows logically.
You can have a finite number of things in an infinite universe.

But I don’t think reality is infinite, so I don’t think the universes or multiverses are infinite.
The Tao is infinite potential, but reality as created from the Tao is not.

I don’t use the term “soul”, because that has too many definitions across belief systems with too much baggage to be a useful label for me. I don’t think that entities, which are finite in number, incarnate infinite times at all. I do believe they create multiple incarnations - as far as they are concerned they are doing them all at once, through the time stream of the multiverse, with aspects of their energy not all of it each time. In this way we maximize our experience of the layers of reality.

Since the physical creates time, it appears to a physical incarnation, like humans, that these incarnations are spread out in time, but time seems to be reliant on and part of the physical.

It might it might not, but (imo) it didn’t happen with the same parts of the entity incarnating, so the energetic interactions would be different anyway. You are connected to the incarnating entity, like a sort of personal source, if you like, so you can have memories from another incarnation, but you didn’t really do it “before”, per se.