Deep dreams

Hello everyone, I would like to share the dreams I had with you.
I start immediately in giving basic information:
As a child I happened to dream of particular things related to the spiritual world.
Towards the end of my 16 years, at the beginning of my 17 I started having a series of dreams (Not all of them on the same nights, but in a short period I had had enough).

The most special dream that happened to me as a child was this that I now tell you: I remember that when I was really small I sometimes happened to dream of a little girl like me, she was very beautiful! blue eyes and black hair, she listened to me in dreams, observed me, gave me advice and smiled at me a lot.
I remember that in the last dream I saw her (Many years ago) she took me by the hand and accompanied me up under a hill, she climbed this hill very quickly and when she got to the top she turned and looking at me she said : “Massimo, join me up here … let’s go to a very nice place”.
For me in the dream it was impossible to reach her, really tiring … then I woke up and I have never dreamed of her since that time.

(My interpretation of this dream is: The little girl for me was like a beautiful, if not superior angel, a divine being … who said to me "Climb to the top of the hill (Pyramid) and look where others cannot look because they are lower down, what you see from the top of this (pyramid) is extremely beautiful.

The second dream I had when I was 8 years old, I remember having dreamed of a very important person in Italy called (Padre Pio), this person is very rare to dream of her, and it is said to have worked miracles, loved children and protected them etc. …
I remember that in the dream I was walking on a straight road without stopping, and at a certain point I looked to the side and saw Padre Pio sitting on a stone bench, he smiled at me … with him there were my relatives, between which a person who shortly after left us.

After these dreams up to my 17 years I didn’t have any particular dreams that I remember well like this, except for an episode that I had at 13 years old.
I remember this was not a dream, it was real.
I was in my room, and suddenly I woke up with a very agitated start, I looked to the side and I saw something that remained impressed on me.
It was black and had thorns that moved around it, this thing floated next to me.
It had a rhombus shape and turned floating on itself.
I felt a strong fear because I didn’t know what it was, and I got out of bed in half a second, turned around and was gone.

And here we are finally at the series of dreams I have had in this last year.
The first dream was in a garage, I was with my father and we got to the underground floor of a garage, I saw two / three beings with half human body and half animal, I think they were minotaurs.
They were tall, but the particular thing is that they moved atypically … as if they were staggering and did not see … I ran in the car but one of them heard me and took a run after me, hitting me with his horns in the head, but I had a smile and I didn’t feel pain, then I woke up.

The next dream was different, I remember being in a place full of vapors and I could hear voices, then I woke up
After this dream I dreamed of traveling at high speed in a strange place, it seemed almost a kind of Olympus, I saw temples and similar things.
I remember the 3 dream well, I was sitting and in front of me I had a very old entity, it was really similar to the representation of Zeus / Demiurgo yahweh.
I looked at him, and he was looking at the earth he had under his feet, it was very small … he looked up and was very serious, he thundered towards the earth he had under his feet and I woke up , did not speak in the dream.

The dream following this memory struck me very much, just look at my profile photo to understand.
I was on the street and it was a bright day, there were other people around but nobody looked up, whereupon I felt the need to look, and looking up I see a huge black sun with pointed and wavy sunrays, I tried a feeling of amazement, fear and adrenaline. The sun that I have in my profile photo represents it perfectly, after seeing it I woke up.

After having this dream I had another one where I was in a cave with two friends, and I had to face a memory test, there was a puddle of boiling water where inside there was a black cube with “stones” attached to it "bright violets, then I immediately took courage and put my hand in the water because I understood it was a test, and I pulled out the cube which I then started to punch until it was completely destroyed because I felt it had to be done to continue (
I don’t know what), after destroying it I woke up.

The dream that I am telling you now for me has been the cause of many questions to which I am still deeply searching for a unique and valid answer out of the many that I have received and hypothesized.

I remember that I was near a white structure with friends and loved ones, in the distance I see a young woman approaching me smiling, it was Maria (the mother of Christ) who smiling approaches me (I felt a very strong emotion, of love and happiness).
She opens a chest in front of me, and pulls out a necklace with a small red heart-shaped pillow attached, to which there was a crucifix attached, she herself ties it around my neck, only that it was not tied frontally but rather he tied behind my back, as if I could not see him, however, I saw that he tied him … (I thought it was inherent in the esoteric, who knows …), after this I woke up.

I remember then having another dream, I was in an empty school, it was just me … and I looked on the ground, and next to a chair (the one in front of me, where I was probably sitting) there was another large necklace with a crucifix attached in this case too, so I took it and put it around my neck (correctly, therefore from the side of the face and not the back)
after this action, I found myself in the desert and there were two entities, one I don’t know how to define it another was a very old lady who looked at me smiling, I reciprocated giving him a kiss on the forehead, then I woke up.

The last really special dream I had was this:
I was in a sort of place where role-playing games, puzzles etc. were made.
I had just arrived and a particular man looks at me and exclaims: Hi Massimo, you are a veteran here, do you want to see my new project? I called it: hell.
Then I tell him, okay, and he shows me the way to see the room where he was, I then go up alone and find myself in a really particular room, it was full of stuffed animals, but similar to each other … there were snakes, scorpions etc … all desert animals and not, but one in particular struck me, the only one not embalmed, it was a fairly large black spider that was above a tank covered with sand, then I look at it and I see it moving in a lateral direction, not towards me, and I noticed that it went under the sand and then suddenly reappeared outside, and so on … then I woke up.
In the dream I calculated that that person was a lucifer.
In the esoteric world, the spider defends important people, Muhammad, Christ, etc … is an important symbol.

That’s all, I had other but less important dreams, I told you the ones that impressed me the most, they are the majority.

I’d like your opinion on this.

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If any good person has time to devote myself I would be happy :).
I’d like to know your opinion, reader.
I would be happy to deepen with new hypotheses or other.
Who am I? I am what I am.