Deep Dark Revenge

So what about a revenge that is so evil you feel guilty for it? Or that you are afraid it will have repercussions , even when you normally don’t believe that revenge spells will ? I’m talking serious revenge. Is their such a thing? How do you deal with it?

Hmmm…I think one gets past the threshold of caring anymore, the rage/hurt/pain/whatever you want to call it becomes too much to bear and then, you just do it…

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As a sociopath, I don’t have that problem.

Someone doesn’t watch enough Sherlock! ;p

With that said, your statement would imply that sociopaths are unable to accept valid evidence of their condition or self diagnose. What brings you to that conclusion?

Everyone has some varying degree of sociopathic behavior…it is a sliding scale and some are higher on it than others…there have been plenty of studies on the personality traits of highly successful people, or those with high survival mechanisms concluding that they are higher on the scale than the average person…A person that is psychologically imbalanced and has no idea that they are delusional is the actual definition of crazy…or better yet psychotic…being aware of and having the ability to decipher your emotions and control your actions pretty much renders one as sane…That being said, one can score high for sociopathic traits and still be a functional member of society…

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Indeed so, I even remember watching a lovely documentary where an individual was researching sociopathy and discovered that he, himself, was on the higher end of the spectrum. It’s been a long time…I can’t remember if he was a psychologist or a chef. Either way, the news didn’t come as a shock to those who knew him, all of which expressed that he was extremely manipulative but not quite malicious…

Recent studies have concluded that there are many more psychopaths than we originally thought, but many have learned to adjust to society simply because of the inconveniences if they deviate and break common law. Rather than lose their freedom, they take positions of power that award them those thrills without fear of incarceration.

Many of our politicians rated high on the psychopath scale. :wink: Either way, I’d be shocked if the majority of left hand practitioners didn’t have a fair share of traits associated to either sociopathy or psychopathy.

I wouldn’t be shocked either…I scored higher than average on the sociopathic spectrum also…it would seem to be a common theme…some from genetics, and some from breaking out of the mold society imposes on how we are supposed to think and regulate emotions and behaviors…again perception plays a major part in it…your perception defines your reality…

Aye, embracing these traits feeds into them, thus furthering your mental development on that particular path. I’d like to go back to school for a degree in psychology and take philosophy on the side as a means to hone my manipulative skills further.

Either way, this pseudo derailment of the thread might actually answer your question Empyrean. Many of us have the traits required to view people as tools, or toys, to do with as we see fit…especially when they provoke our more malicious nature. If someone has slighted me, guilt over an action directed upon them would leave me feeling disgusted with myself. It just doesn’t happen.

My general rule is eye for eye. To the letter. Normally, I would not kill even a small animal… But is somebody is hurting me… That person deserves on the same… If the hurting is made on purpose… I just magnify it times three until I feel that hand of justice finished it job.

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bullshit, where the hell did you read that?

I was thinking about this some more this morning - I wouldn’t do something that was outside my own personal ethics, because to be a slave to any kind of power or ideal of oneself as a black magician who must always be avenged is still, in the end, just another form of slavery, if it’s not coming from a heartfelt need to see justice done.

I’d look at the effects as well - I may really hate someone, but if they’re a lone parent with kids, I can’t justify putting those kids into the state care system just because my ego got bruised, and I also apply the “law of mind” that everything that happens to me has happened for a reason, so if revenge is off the menu, I’d try and see what, in that situation, I could be grateful for.

Knowing where your ethics lie, and being aware of ethical choices you make (whether it’s buying fairtrade coffee or non-sweatshop clothing) is vital, otherwise you’re setting yourself up to be at war with yourself at some future point.

I’ve only ever done a few things in life I truly regretted, mostly through ignorance and on one occasion from being manipulated by a mentally unhealthy family member when I was young, and I looked into ways to make amends on all of those using stuff from teachers like Napoleon Hill and even the steps of AA re: making amends, then I considered that account closed.

I’m not clear from your opening post Empyrean if this is something you’re dealing with, or just hypothetical, but in my case I did a long Word doc analysing where I was and wasn’t responsible, what lessons I needed to learn from that and whether I had any evidence I HAD learned those lessons, and then made amends in one of the oldest ways known to civilisation - blood money.

I made a substantial donation to a charity that related to the wrong I’d done, and intentionally made it large enough that I had no money for anything except essentials for a couple of weeks.

Possible options would be to do a core shamanism-style journey to your own Higher Self to ask for their guidance, or to that of the person or whoever you think you’ve wronged, and ask what would satisfy them by way of amends since you can’t go back and un-do the action.

Just some ideas there, everyone’s moral compass is different, mine’s quite high for animals, reasonmable for kids or old people or anyone who’s fairly helpless or fucked up, and pretty much indifferent to anyone else unless I like 'em. :wink:

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bullshit, where the hell did you read that?[/quote]

DSM- IV[/quote]

The DSM-IV doesn’t even include sociopaths though, there’s antisocial but that’s it, whatever let’s just drop it. It’s not important anyways

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That’s because they don’t use the same terminology.

American psychiatrist Hervey M. Cleckley's work on psychopathy probably influenced the initial diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality reaction/disturbance in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), as did American psychologist George E. Partridge's work on sociopathy.[citation needed] The DSM and International Classification of Diseases (ICD) subsequently introduced the diagnoses of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) and dissocial personality disorder, stating that these have been referred to (or include what is referred to) as psychopathy or sociopathy.[1][2][3][4] Canadian psychologist Robert D. Hare later repopularised the construct of psychopathy in criminology with his Psychopathy Checklist.[1][5]

While I haven’t read the DSM-IV, if it claims that psychopaths and sociopaths are ignorant of their condition…it may have been worded poorly.

What’s likely the case here is that they are trying to convey the fact that these individuals see nothing wrong with their way of thinking. So, this means that they are unlikely to know that there is a “problem” unless they develop an interest in psychology, are diagnosed, or accused of having the personality traits that define a sociopath and psychopath.

It’s easy to see how this might be confused for: “Sociopaths don’t know that they are sociopaths” and “psychopaths don’t know that they are psychopaths”…as some sort of rule.

This is why they are deemed so difficult to treat, sociopaths and psychopaths see nothing wrong with their way of thinking and are very reluctant, if not downright defiant, towards changing it. This doesn’t, however, mean that they are incapable of realizing that they fall into these particular classifications; most are highly intelligent and typically view themselves as superior to the majority of people. So they already realize that there’s something that differentiates them from the majority…even if they don’t yet realize that there’s a term for it.

When they’re diagnosed, it would be silly to think that these individuals are incapable of looking at the information provided and coming to the conclusion that they are indeed a sociopath or psychopath. As I said previously, I watched a documentary where an individual began researching these people only to find out that he, himself, was a sociopath…which amused the hell out of him.

Furthermore, it would be silly to believe that the realization of this classification would automatically cure the individual…which would be the only other possible outcome if the above pseudo rules were actually factual. So, it’s probably poorly worded in the DSM-IV.

I’m not diagnosed though; I simply developed an interest in psychology and began doing some novice research. Through that research, I found that I exhibit nearly every personality trait associated with sociopathy and have accepted it as a very strong likelihood. Various dabbling psychology majors have also enforced that theory through the years, and just recently an individual who took four years in college stated that I am likely “suffering” from Antisocial Personality Disorder and should seek immediate help.

Like many sociopaths and psychopaths…I see nothing wrong with my way of thinking and have absolutely no desire to change it. As stated previously, most of the individuals who choose the path of black magick are likely to possess many traits of a sociopath and psychopath.

I’m also a INTP on the MBTI, so I’m extremely likely to post very lengthy responses that could have just been summarized through a few well worded sentences…haha. Amusingly enough, writing this brought about my curiosity regarding which personality type amongst the MBTI is likely to produce sociopaths. INTP seems to be a popular one amongst the few tossed around as likely candidates.

Fascinating post!

Good point. I don’t know where I fall on that stuff, but I do think badly of people who are bound by what I consider fatuous, sentimental, moralistic beliefs that haven’t come from personal analysis or values, but have been embedded by external teachers and left to rule, unexamined.

When someone trots out trite little homilies about how something perfectly reasonable is “evil” I tend to assume they don’t like to use their mind, and I’m always extremely grateful to not be like them.

So I can see why anybody who felt themselves freed of certain concerns wouldn’t want to change them - and I’d probably fail Bladerunner’s “Voight-Kampff” test myself, unless it was exclusively about turtles, kittens and stuff…

The main area where I see it as a problem for people is when it combines with excessive aggression that overrules rational thought, and also low ability to learn from past experiences, because those things seem like cognitive mutilations that limit free choice, but I think they’re over-emphasised in the literature because the psychopathic people who have been most studied so far, are ones who’ve committed crimes?

I’ve known a few people with high levels of empathy, verging on excessive, and yet who never seem to learn from their mistakes, and who have criminal records for violent crimes, so I think that trait’s part of an entirely different thing, and can commonly be found in non-psychopathic criminals.

I'm also a INTP on the MBTI, so I'm extremely likely to post very lengthy responses that could have just been summarized through a few well worded sentences...haha.

Some people… ;o)


There are many who go unnoticed simply because they don’t the do the various things that have gotten the more prominent members diagnosed and imprisoned.