Dedication To Odin/Wodan/Odhinn

A lot of folks have asked how to initiate contact with the Father. As an apprentice of the Wanderer for years now, I feel like saying this. If you want to be a Heathen, embrace the culture. Preparatory immersion is step one. Read the Eddas. Watch documentaries about the Norse people, hell… watch Vikings. Ask yourself, can you see yourself carving runes into stones and sticks you’ve found in the wilderness. Do you respect women as your equal? The Heathen culture did not place man as supreme ruler, but woman was his equal. The Volva was an important prophetic voice. Yet, Odin embraced that feminine aspect and learned witchcraft as well as the masculine forms of Sorcery. He sacrificed greatly to receive knowledge of the runes, magick, prophecy. Will you?

I digress. As a son of Odin, now moving into a new system, the Infernal kingdom… I leave my Father with this dedication. He will teach you to go to the ends of yourself you never thought were there, embrace them, and transcend even the idea of self you hold dear.

How do I join with him? Many people have theories. None of them are right or wrong. The thing that feels right to you is right. Here is my method:

Lay out for yourself in a natural setting (or your home if you can’t access nature) a circle of stones. I use quartz crystals and black chime candles to form my circle. You may also draw a circle in the sand or use another circle. Light a candle of red, black, or white. Pour out your runes if you have them. Light some incense of any scent, but make certain it is earthy. I prefer copal resin. Pour some, ale, mead, wine, or lager into a drinking horn. Pour also, the same drink into a horn or chalice for yourself. Paint his name in runes onto your flesh, in red paint. Now declare your toast to him and the old gods. Call to him by his many names, some of which are Odin, Allfather, One Eyed Wanderer, Chieftain of the Aesir. As you call to him, begin to see his face before you. Call to him over and over again, come Odin, come Allfather, your son/daughter calls to you. As he begins to manifest to you, make your intentions known. “I wish to be your apprentice, I ask you to welcome me to the family of the old gods, initiate me into Heathen Magick” something like that. Speak from your heart. Lift your horn/chalice of ale/mead you have poured for him. Tell him it is for him, as an honored guest and ancestor in your sacred space to drink and commune with you. This is all about you and him joining together in spirit, merging. Now lift your own horn/chalice and declare that you drink to him, the ancestors, and the old gods. Drink deep and feel yourself being transmuted by the sacred drink. Lose yourself now, and allow whatever happens to happen. Be in the moment with the Allfather. If you wish to speak further with him do so. If you simply want to chant Hail Odin, do so. Continue to see yourself as an ancient Vitki, Norse shamanic Sorcerer. Play the role and embody it. Allow it to consume you.
You may experience something visual or auditory, or nothing at all. At some point when you least expect it, Odin will answer you. From that moment forward, your life will change. For me it came as a vision as I fell asleep. I was shaken awake and a great choir of voices said to me “Welcome to the family”. I only felt a presence in the ritual. I saw nothing and heard nothing, but my vision and sight from then on began to develop.
Heathen forever, but on a new journey.


Excellent dedication, brother!


Anything you’d like to add?

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I’d just add that this has to be done from the heart. You can’t half ass the Allfather. And also, look out for omens because with Odin, you’re sure to see some.