Dedicating child

I was invited to a Christening a few days ago, I didn’t go but it made me think, many Christians dedicate their children to Jesus at birth or after, what would happen if you offered/dedicated a child to a demon before birth or after, like a demonic christening? Would it have a particular effect on a child like a Christening is said to have like protection ect

Disclaimer - not planning on doing it, just a curious question from a beginner.

most demons protect children. They would be safe, but most demons would more than likely not allow people to do that. Demons are not demanding for people, and they are wayyy too overprotective of children to allow an adult to force them into something.

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So it would work well for protection purposes?

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maybe but like i said, its likely that they may not even allow the parent to do so

It’s all about the consciousness you have surrounding it. It could, but it can’t be guaranteed since you probably consider yourself a distinct individual with “free will” and must necessarily be bound to that concept, i.e. anything that appears outside your concept of your individuality will appear different.

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Why would you dedicate a child to anyone? You can ask for a Demon to step in and protect the kid, but it’s not your business to dedicate someone else. That would be the kid’s decision if and when decides.


Okay I will do thanks

I wouldn’t personally, I just wondered if a similar concept existed in the LHP as its new to me, I guess stepping in, protecting/blessing is what I meant, I used the wrong wording lol

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You can bless them and protect them but you can’t choose a path for them. Well, you can force them but it’s what Christians do, not us.
I blessed my unborn niece when her life was in danger and by doing so I passed some of my own energy to her. Few months later I had a premonition that she will inherit powers and will follow the path. So I asked for any deity or Demon to guide her and protect her.
And few days later she connected with me and told me Lucifer will take care of her. I didn’t decided anything, I just asked for a Guide until she can decide for herself. I don’t even work with Lucifer or ever did, I have just met him once. So it’s really up to them. But sure, you can ask from your favorite Demon/Deity to watch over them.


Moonchildren are a thing that doesn’t happen that much anymore. Both parents know what their child is and whom to give them to.

What is a moon child?

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