Dedicated poetry

Azazel and the Darkness
Amidst the stars and dark of night,
Beyond the veils, of morning bright,
A dark, unending ceaseless light,
For within; I shine, this endless night.

For in the darkest depths of my splitting soul,
Have I found that one,
That one black hole,
The one, I created, so long ago.

Into a sun it shines,
Burning brighter and brighter;
Each time I die.

With each waking death, Soar I say! Soar do I! ,
In the silent darkness, I soar so high,
As each burning nights spark flies,
Do higher and higher my wings take flight.
Into the very depths of the darkness,
That endless night.
DR 20/11/20


For goddess Kali
Stand upon me Kali Ma, in victory over that which hinders me,
Stand before me, oh goddess, with all your might and ferocity, in the face of mine enemies,
Stand beside me, as my guide and show me the way, to a clear path of self, in thy wisdom,
Stand behind me, and wrap me in your embrace, as loving mother, transforming me through time and space.
In gratitude, with love, do I embrace thee, in return.
DR 20/11/20

Echoes from Gamaliel
But for sorrow, do I seek blood and vengeance,
Bathe within the red nectar, blissfully,
For it reminds me that within you I lay,
Dormant; Looking and longing to be awakened,
So the rich scarlet fluids, may be shared between us.
Drink from my cup, full, satisfied for but a moment; that unquenchable thirst,
Bathe with me, be purified and reborn my child,
Drown with me, within my pool of pure lifeforce,
And let it wash away all the death that you have become.
Arise my child, Arise!, and breathe your first breath, renewed,
Welcome back to Godhood, my child.