Dedicate an altar to your magical self?!?

Just an idea.

Use an image of what you picture your magical self like at the center.

Charge a protective element, place it to the North.

Add a bag with herbs that match your intend (mugworth for divination, rosemary for attracting good spirit…) to the East.

Put a symbol of power to the South.

Moon symbols at the West.

Add figures of animals, characters, spirits all around you.

Add a protective circle in salt or rope.


Sounds like a great idea. Then you can do things like, meditate at your altar and ask your higher self questions through the effigy.


If you’re really good at photo editing you could probably collage yourself into an impressive image of some kind.

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I believe it’s been coined as self-deification. You literally pray to your Godform.

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I don’t see experience it as “praying”.
I feel it more like a “vision board” of my magickal self.

Putting symbols to attract particular energies around me.

Keeping a charging stone for protection around a representation of myself rather than myself. :blush:

But you are right, i also search for develop my own “divinity” inside of me and having better magickal results :grinning:

It is funny but most of my dreams I can’t perceive myself nor in meditation? In fact, I get the distinct thought my core self doesn’t look anything like my aged self and i like how I look? Naturally, my shrines to myself don’t have a picture of me but most have a mirror (not a black mirror).

In deep meditation or dreamstate I swear that which is not me is very flirty. And in some cases hungry for me. It is a slow thing to embrace when parts of the culture say how vile & prideful it is to put selfishness and self above GOD. But, I accepted I live was born and live on earth. This is my home and why shouldn’t I place myself above others since that is my whole being. I always felt the Church felt “off” or wrong in some weird way. I can’t help but think they are the deceivers. So a shrine to empower myself and reaffirm, reassert my presence and will is bery much like making a stand against an invading force that would like to conquer and enslave then toss my self into its collect live trash/slave pens.

Gloom aside, each shrine is quite different and some are very minimal.