Decoding the Scry

Tonight, I did a few things. Sanctified my sanctuary, did a bit of scrying, read some people, and summoned Lilith. This is in regards to the scrying. Intriguing stuff came up but I thought I’d throw it at you folks and draw on the collective knowledge to gain further insight.

First, the rose quartz sphere.
Items are numbered in the order that they were shown to me.

Second, the raw calcite chunk (the Viking “sun stone”).

Thanks in advance,

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The first symbol in both is the same. I’m assuming it’s a sort of key in the ignition.

Number 4 in the first image looks like an upside down othila rune. I know that number 5 in the first image is infinity, and that first symbol in both looks extremely familiar, but I am unsure as to where I’ve seen it before…

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That makes sense, the rune. I tend to read things upside down and backward. My energy flows that way too. Counterclockwise. I pull in from the right and give with the left.

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left to rightt is how artists look at art work try doing so with anything you draw this is very natural to do so aswell ,when I follow it my eys fall on number 7 number 7 is meant to be good luck