Decoding the message from lucifuge rofocale

I was meditating on lucifuge rofocale enn and suddenly i saw a man in black and white probably wity his hands open , there was a red ribbon type floating around his arms
And i heard it “seven irrationals” i was like irrationals?
Then i heard “yes, seven futures”

Can someone help me with this, what does that mean?

Is it some code? Or what?

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@DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva
Or any other person who can help?
Since you guys are the experienced one? Please?

“irrations" isn’t a word…

An oration is a pre-planned, formalised speech or monologue, it’s usually quite fancy and for special occasions. Perhaps he’s asking for ritual incantations?

Or perhaps “Iterations” Which means doing the same thing 7 times.
This interpretation could refer to the 7 waves being talked about right now in EAs videos. I don’t know, it’s just what comes to mind.

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Ha bhai :blush:

It was 7 irrationals*
And when i said what?
I heard 7 futures.

Can someone suggest something else?

Ok you fixed the spelling of “irrations”. I thought you just heard something that wasn’t a word.

Why did you contact him?.. Probably relates to Sth you have in mind

Maybe 7possibilites or outcomes…to Sth you have in mind… Idk

I was approaching him to let me help with achiving good wealth by expanding my current business or some other means of hardwork.

The aim was achiving wealth .

Any clues now?

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Yes i am sorry,
I corrected it already.

So? Any clues now?

Well my interpretation is that you need to seek 7streams of income… But that’s just my biased judemgent

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7 stream would be alot , no?

Well thanks anyways.

@Seekthebeyond can you help me something with this?

I haven’t worked with Lucifuge, but @Empress_Arianna is currently working quite deeply with him, so I shall evoke her with the mighty “@” sigil to perhaps dispense her wisdom.

Any help would be appreciated,

Hopefully I’ll get my answer soon.