Decisions on which circle to use?


I’ll get right to it, being relativley new to evocation I’m wondering which circle would be best to use for a begginer in the practice? I feel as if I want to focus on evoking angels first, rather than demonic entities -not that I don’t ‘trust’ them but, I feel as if I want to be more experienced before summoning them.

For this reason, I feel as if the circle of Solomon would be the best -as it is reputed for angelic summoning, and E.A states that it is more ‘in tune’ to angels on the circle’s page. However, the universal circle does also appeal to me and it appears that it’s more of an “all rounder” circle if you know what I mean -spirits are apparently more open to help you because the Aramaic symbols are more ‘welcoming’ so to speak.

So, as other magicians who are experienced in evocation, which circle would you recommend at first? That’s not to say that I wouldn’t order the other circle eventually, but which one would be best to start with?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have never used a formal circle, made of cloth. With my relatives around me I just don’t have time to make one without them seeing me do it. Even at night there is no guarantee I could paint it and have it dried enough to safely fold it up and put it away until the following night. So for the time being I have just been using invisible energy made circles.

Now, when my home is finished being built I will be making a few different circles from cloth and I will test them out and will probably report my findings in the distant future to let others know if one type of circle seems to be more efficient than the other, but this will not be anytime soon. In the past I have painted things on cloth and thought for sure, using acrylic paint, they would be dried before the next morning and had to use a fan to speed up the drying process which did help but it ended up smearing some of the paint from the air circulation even though I had the fan like 3 feet away from the tapestry and set to low.

I was just thinking of circles this morning as well, my life is getting so much more weirder now, in the most delightful whys. Now when i was first starting out, i draw all mine on the ground with chalk,the circle of Solomon,circle of demonic pacts, and circles i came up with myself, using symbols and words of power that were important to me, or i had the feeling that they need to be on it, there is great benefits to that, and you can learn a lot from playing around with using difference ones. Nowadays i just use the universal circle, it is “neutral” yes, and i don’t care to spend the two plus hours or so making all that anymore or wondering “IF” it really is the best for the job at hand. i want to just jump right in to whatever ritual i’m doing as fast as i can. That being said, you can total use the circle of Solomon to summon demons or elementals or whatever,or use no circle at all, i really don’t think most spirits you may come across, care one way or the other about what circle is used,or how you go about getting in touch with them, it is really all about “YOU” and how you perceive “THEM” that makes any difference. It sounds so corny, but it is true, you have to go with what you feel is right for you at the time, because it will be.

I currently use the Universal Circle, but when I started, I just visualized a circle, like EA describes in Works of Darkness.

I knew there was a thread about this - a while ago, a member posted this:

[quote=“Attis, post:1, topic:2089”]So, my girlfriend and I attempted to call the archangel Michael infront of the Universal Circle.
She sat down, staying in trance and performing the role of seeress, while I was the conjuror and spammed Michael with the “Alash tad al’ash tad ashtu” aswell as the “Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu…” conjurations.

The first thing Michael said was asking me why I was summoning him using that demon-talk.

I can’t help laugh writing this. E.A. said that these incantations aswell as the demonic script on the circle would be pleasing to any spirit, angel, demon whatever. But eventhough Michael did answer my summons and didn’t seem angry in any way, he didn’t like being summoned with those two incantations. Not in the way that it offended him, but more in the way of it seeming inappropriate to him and unnecessary.

Have any of you experienced anything similar?[/quote]

Attis, who posted that, doesn’t seem to have logged in since November last year so I don’t know how it all worked out - but I thought you might like to know about it, to help in the decision-making process.

I’ve never found that the Archangel Raphael has any problems manifesting in a room that’s full of various “demonic” and non-Abrahamic sigils, images, and items, so I don’t think it annoys them too much.

I would say go for the UC, because it’s a statement of magickal intent, and then if the angel/s you summon dislike it, ask them if they’ll accept a simple circle of salt, cornflour or even rope. I think you’ll get more long-term value from the UC.

But, you know, if they’re there to tell you off then at least you’ve got their attention and made contact!

I hope you’ve had a chance to use the Search function already, there are loads of posts about the UC especially - and also, please check your Messages tab at the top of the page! Cheers. :slight_smile:

Edit to add - just to confuse you more, when E.A. did an evocation of the nine demonic Kings in the heirarchy he uses, he did it in the Solomonic Circle:

Evocation Of The Nine Demonic Kings - Live Ritual

Sorry if that’s less, rather than more, helpful. :\

I’m thinking about going for the universal circle, since in my research it does appear more ‘neutral’ as someone said above. And I do kind of like the Nabetean lol.

Out of curiosity though, I noticed that Koetting’s Solomonic circle is bound up by the snake, but in most of the grimoires that detail solomon’s circle the outside is surrounded by other God names (Adonai, Tetragrammaton etc). Is there a reason Koetting didn’t put these names around the outside? I know that crowley’s variation also contains the snake, but that has the god names in Hebrew lettering around the sides.

I can’t say why EA left off the names. I can say that when i was making my circles, i quickly saw that i did not need to use them at all. Now a magician can add the names to that circle, if they feel like it. Adding little things like that to tools to make them more personal is i feel very important to any magickal workings. And now to really piss some people off, a lot of the system crowley used and really all the Hermetic system is 90% redundant and overly complicated. But that’s just me,again go with whatever you thank and feel is right for you.