Deciding on an Entity to Evoke?

Hi guys,

It has been just over a month of practising magick daily now, with an assortment of dabbling in different things and a bit of reading behind me I feel like have come to a bit a of stale section of my development.

I have followed Succupedias Letter of intent evocation of succubus to what i call somewhat a success. I can feel her presence around me if I’m really focusing, and i can definitely feel her touching me and arousing me and its great! However I’m really struggling in making other contact i.e see or hear. I would like to develop our relationship further but I feel as if my limitations of being able to communicate effectively is holding us back.

I have been doing E.A Koettings “BLU-RAY” meditation daily as well as the Three Sun Void Staircase meditation and find that it brings me into a much calmer and clearer state but is difficult to hold myself in this state, and have had little improvement to my psychic senses. So I was thinking that evoking another entity to aid me in my psychic development would be the next step? I have yet to decide on a specific entity but Belial and Lillith have interested me, I am struggling to find a book of Lillith to read so i can get a better understanding before i evoke her and I want to buy E.A koetting Book of Belial but its currently not financially feasable for me to do so.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Cheers if you read my ramblings up to this far :slight_smile:

P.S Are there any Sydney siders here? Whilst I understand the the LHP is a solo one it’d be nice to meet up and maybe do some work with others too.