I’ve decided on a magical path i want to persue.I don’t want to take the complete lhp or rhp.I’ve read a little about Franz where he says magic is neither good or evil.He also goes on to say some stuff about occult symbols and knowing their meanings.Is it possible to be neutral and take neither side and still be a magician.And is there a good site where i can learn about the different occult meanings of symbols?Right now my thinking is to approach each spirit with respect and not to try to force them to do anything.As i think it should be.

Probably, although there’s a school of thought that says taking your own side would automatically make you LHP, even if all you do is heal and bring sunshine and kittens into people’s lives. :smiley:

But yes, it’s possible to be you, no “sides” or allegiances needed, and it’s also possible to work with entities of any kind for any type of goal, and have the only limitations that restrict you be your own preferences.

As a matter of fact that’s one of the things i want to do is heal people,but no what i was trying to do was look at magick from a godly macrocosmic instead of a microcosmic worldview where practicing black magick is ‘evil’ and practicing white magick is ‘good’ since both yield results no matter which way you look at it.