Decided to start a journal

I realized most of my post involved a lot of my personal things and my experiences and my questions and all that jazz.

So for now, I will be posting in the journal section and the reason why I want to journal my stuff here is that whatever we are going through and the magic and the spells We cast during hard times or certain times that we need and show that manifest in sometimes quick and sometimes later.

When I first arrived back here, I know I was not in the best state of mind due to external circumstances, and I quickly had a snap out. I’ve realized that this is not very sorcerer like, letting external circumstances rule you meaning my will definitely has been buried and I have a gun certain forms of meditation to reclaim my power. The truth is, I am in a much much better place than I was days ago.

Also I am exploring different approaches and techniques in the areas of magical practice and evocation/invocation , and so on. I think personally in this day and age because of the direction that society, the world, is headed in is due To the age of Aquarius. I feel we should never forget the work that was needed to survive and skills in the old days all the way back to hunter gatherer era. These are our roots and our instincts for survival. The unfortunate affect in the world of technology is people becoming disconnected from their roots . Technology gets a bad rap and blamed for all the destruction on earth. Well technology is a tool, it’s the intent behind it. Technology could be used to protect and “heal” our environment the earth and could do all sort of things. Personally I think that Age of Aquarius is a different type of survival because we see so much about enlightenment, individuality, freedom ,etc technology does bring us from our roots but in the right way is freedom to choose to ascend or as we witness the destructive tendencies behind the intent on use of technology.

That’s just me. Will right more or edit this post later

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