Decaying Afflictions... A poem*WARNING* Contains Offensive Language

So I know that you usually don’t see poems posted on here, but I like to write rap poems and wrote this one 20 mins ago. Do not read if you are offended by profanity, sexual content, and also rap slang’s. Have a good day and enjoy.

Just popped me a xan,
bitch Im the man,
trippin on codeine laying in the sand.
Girl take my hand, im laying down bands,
Said she’d still fuck me even though she got a man.
Trippy black lights, fucking all night,
think she’s a demon cause her eyes are turning white.
Said she rip my soul straight out from my body,
She’s the realest in the game yeah shes a fucking shawty.
Girl dancing like the realist, this is the illest,
shit ive ever seen, levitating to the ceiling.
Yeah she got feelings, but it’s all hype,
doing the devils dealings, the price is always right,
dont fuck with a fake nigga singin on the mike,
I think shes so dirty she could be a fucking dyke,
What would you do for a klondyke bar,
put my dick in her ass and fuck her real hard.

Yeah I gave her a car one day,
this chick is so slutty; bitch is making me sway,
get out the way or your ass’ll get shot,
im bout my fucking money im not messing with you thots.
Sick fucking thoughts are whats planted in my head,
by the end of the night one of us will be dead,
machines taking over, electric running though my viens,
I swear she’s a spirit taking over my brains.
It’s like I cant stop, she’s got me on lock,
time’s so slow I can hear the tick tock
on the hands of a clock reachin for my glock,
I need an exorcism; draw the circle up in chock,
I feel the heat inside me getting hot like the sun,
Im pinned to the bed; I cant even fucking run.
Getting to the point where I feel my face turn,
My energy is depleted yeah she took all my sperm.

Still sucking me dry, her soul can fucking fly,
I swear im starting to see and hear things in the night.
Yeah I’m pretty scared, my bodys being shared,
72 demons circle round me in the air.
Static in my hair, from the fucking friction,
I guess its too late to say she has an addiction,
Bloody afflictions are appearing on my skin,
I feel lucifer himself enter my soul from within.
Theres smoke everywhere, from the Djinn,
the power of the magic is too much for me to withstand.
As I waste away, my house sets ablaze,
The moiuster from my body looks like a shiny glaze.
As i slip into the void thats black from the slime,
I begin my long descent into hell as a climb.
The last bit of me can only simply mime,
I meet the other souls that were damned like mine.

Sorry if this offends anyone. I just liked the theme of the poem and thought some of you would find it humorous.