Debt collecting


I gotta a problem with a certain woman owing a lot of people a lot of money (me including), she used friendship ties to persuade people into lending her money and getting back nothing for years… As for the gender, I can´t behave violently or brutal so I stretch for the powers of magick.
What I was wondering, anybody here got a favorite technique or a demon for this ? :slight_smile: Thanks for any suggestions


Murmur is good at causing suffering, I would go to her and nicely tell her it will end when you receive payment.


Hrajnoha, this has worked for me. It does not involve demons, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway.
Carve your enemies name and any linking information on a green or black skull candle.
Dress with black arts oil and money oil.
On a piece of parchment write the person’s name and any linking information (add their photo if you like) along with what you want to happen? Such as: until your debt is paid to me, you shall suffer, etc.
Focus your intent, light the candle and stare into its eyes as it burns. Stay with the candle. Bury the remains after you are finished.
If you are into chaos magic, you could creat a mantra and recite as the candle burns.
Good luck.


I don’t want to ruin anybody’s fun, but have you tried to use magic to subvert her psychologically so she does what you want of her own accord without the evil genius routine? I mean, she sounds sufficiently unconscious that someone like Paimon could make short work of the situation without having to get nasty. After all, getting nasty is a time drain.


So, Hrajnoha, there you have it! Two excellent offerings from ooposite sides of the situation! Now all you have to do is decide what it is you REALLY want at this point … which will be sweeter, money or retribution? Tis a dilemma to be sure; I suppose it depends on how angry you are and how much you need the money. Hmmm :wink: Z