Deathly Gnosis

Santa Muerte is an absolutely beautiful entity.She is a form of Death which appeals to many,as she can show you the way,through death,and through life,in a way few spirits can.She is Death,apathetic and powerful,for there is nothing that escapes her.

She is the turmoil preceding every kill,the passion enacting it,and the silence succeeding it.And yet still,she is the true essence of Death,and is beautiful change the kind that keeps us growing and developing.The kind that keeps us powerful,and is ready to bless us.

She is known as the Patron Saint of Sinners precisely because she does not care for who she helps.She is death,and does not care for anything.Who she reaps,who she claims,or who she helps.This is why many a person have prayed to her to save them from disease,and she has answered as readily as she does for the assassin,praying that his bullet does not miss the target.

I am embarrassed to say that after this much of a connection with Santa Muerte I had only recently decided to evoke her.

The Book

A while back I helped an individual on this forum(who shall remain anonymous) with some channeling.At the end of it,he decided to pay and reward me,by giving me the ability to download a book that had yet to come out anywhere in the world.

THe book in question was La Santa Muerte:Unearthing the Magic and Mysticism of Death by Tomas Power.While I had encountered the entity in many places before,on occult forums and in mentions,this was my first introduction to her.I downloaded the book and left it there for a while.Not doing anything with it.I eventually found a mention of her,and I read the book,when I was bored.

I was more or less hooked,because I seemed to feel a strong connection to her.I hadn’t had any ties with her,but I could feel that I should contact her.

Last December,on a brisk Saturday morning,I evoke Santa Muerte.

The Pact

In that first evocation I asked Santa Muerte to help me through what was going on at the time,something she gladly did.I communed with her,and gained a greater understanding of what she was about.

I wanted more,though.We shook hands,as we described a pact.I wanted to understand death,and what lies on the other end of death,better.And to do this,I was ready to go to the source.

I hadn’t talked much to her,but there came a time in January when we began to talk more intensely.I experienced visions pointing me towards her.I was ready to interact with her fully,to acquire her knowledge and power.

She told me to call on her,and invoke one of her three aspects for two days.On the final one,culminate by invoking all three,and then merging with her full form.

I did this.

Few people ever interact with more than one robe,and with good reason.Some are more tailored towards one,some to the others.In any case,as I had made a pact to fully understand her gnosis,and wield her power,I had decided to undergo this.

The White Robe

The first aspect of Santa Muerte is La Nina Bianca,the White Lady.This aspect acts as the healer,most often,and represents Death’s more nurturing side.

I invoked her late at night,in my room.I summoned her into myself,and watched her fill me.I saw her come,and ask me whether I was ready,before she melted into a puddle of energy and filled me.

She was like a tree,as she began to fill me,she grew in both directions.Upwards,expanding over my head and arms,as branches,and downwards,expanding as the roots.My astral body nearly slipped out of my fleshly vessel,but she dragged me right back in.

I continued this process,until the tree of light,which was actually Santa Muerte sank into me,and filled me.

The next day I was happy and at peace.It seemed like my entire world was made of the same light that filled me.I looked at everything and saw its transience,fully.How its lifetime was short.

I saw that every moment ends,and is gone.Forever lost.You casn never recreate any moment,in perfect accuracy.Time is always present,time is rotting everything away.

Instead of perceiving the rotting fruit of reality,la Nina Bianca showed me the beauty of all things being dependent on their transience.Just because it’s so short,it’s so beautiful.

I was capable of doing some healings,that I will for various reasons not discuss of.

This was an aspect that cared for everything,poured love over everything,and had more of a zest for life than anything else.

I then saw the deeper aspect to La Nina Bianca.

Because she also seems to represent lineages,and families.The dead that we honor,the family we need to make proud,the power of these ties.One evening,as I was in the bathroom,an entity who was related to a previous incarnation came to me.Her name,was the
Venerable Anne de Guigne .

She and I began working,and I was slowly showed some things about my family too.This side of her seems to also represent the part that interacts with the past,your past.Not just that which is dead,but mostly that which was immortalized,in memory,at least.

She filled me with her essence,and I blessed other people with it too.It was not the heavy energy that most people associated Death Essence with and in fact I don’t think it even contained any Death Essence.

She left me,and imparted some of that with me.

The Red Robe

The second aspect that I invoked was La Nina Roga,known for representing the wild and passionate death.Red as the blood spilled in battle,red as the fire of burning corpses,red as the heart of the avenger.

THe deeper we get into these robes the deeper we’ll get into things that I cannot exactly share,and especially for a spirit such as this,I will not share.

When La Nina Bianca was fully out of me,I invoked La Nina Roga.

I did this in the same manner as the previous aspect.She appeared quickly,as the Anima Sola,the soul coiled in flames,and then she became the fire,as she wrapped me around it.

Instead of turning my body into a tree,she made my flesh explode in it and consumed me in the fire,intermingling our energies,and pushing into me the aeons of war that led to the world we live in today.

In fact,immediately after that,I had to feed,amongst other tings.And it only got more intense,as I was the passionate maiden.I wasn’t easily angered,but the things that bothered me,REALLY bothered me,whereas the things that pleased me REALLY pleased me.

I fortified my magical defenses,and did many things,but as mentioned previously,I cannot talk about them.However,I did meet a demon I will be posting about fairly soon.

She granted me a deeper sight of the violent side of nature.And whereas La Nina Bianca is an aspect of care,this one is an aspect of passion,obsession,and vengeance.

It also shows the fire within,when externalized,and how it is kindled and grown,as well as how it may be applied into magic.When you think about it,how badly do you want something?

How badly do you want most of the things you do magic for?This isn’t a matter of whether you’d kill for it,because for some killing is natural and not very costly,but how much would you be willing to give?

For that money,for that girl,for that person to do that thing?How much power do you release,and exert?

La Nina Roga left me.

The Black Robe

The final aspect of Santa Muerte I met on this invocation process was La Nina Nigra.This aspect represented her fullest and most famous one,that of Death,the essence of change.Not atrophy,not enthropy,but change at its simplest,the passage of a cycle.

I invoked her late at night,and she came,from within me,the mist enveloping from my body,into my other bodies,and finally my vessel.It was her way of showing me she was already within me,and our essences were close.

Again,here come the things I can’t share.

I can say how she made me think,which was a view of pure apathy.I did not care,for anything,nor did I love things that much.If my family and friends all perished and experienced fates worse than death so be it.It didn’t matter.

If my own life was taken from me and I was destroyed permanently having done nothing to this world it didn’t matter.Nothing mattered because eventually all things would return to the void of nothingness that awaits our Universe.

I was unmoved by everything and had to fake emotions to appease family members,but I seemed to understand what was and what wasn’t,and feel death around me and within me,to some extent.

La Nina Nigra left me,and I cleansed myself.

Becoming Death

After having fully experienced all three sides to Santa Muerte I finally decided to embrace her fully.Because of the nature of this rite,and what happened,I have decided to keep it mostly secret.

Santa Muerte entered me,through three of my chakras,and filled me,with her three essences,before merging into a final form.She greeted me,and became me.

When she fully filled me,I could see the three forms I experienced being reconciled,and me becoming her fully,and understanding her fully.And being her,though not fully.

Death and The Afterlife UPG

People die,spirits die,ideas die.Death is everywhere,in everything.In every change,all things die.Occult death can mean a lot of things,and is a necessary phase of growth.

Death is an interesting process.By disincarnating,the finer bodies are released from their vessel.By default,they go up back to Source,wherein they dissipate,and reform down there.A clear line can sometimes be followed,but all too often one soul will consist of several fragments from several other souls,much like one soul will someday be made into several souls.

This is by default.These days,many people don’t reach that.

As they go up,they leave imprints.THe cadavre is the physical imprint.The shade is the astral imprint.There’s probably one to every plane above it.

If they were a materialist atheist,and did not believe in any afterlife,but believed in an eternal oblivion will be taken there immediately.Disappearing from existence,ceasing to exist.

Those who believe in a specific deity,showed loyalty to it,will be taken to that deity,and live the rest of their existence with it.Until of course that deity gets taken down,and then they die,ceasing to exist,cut off from their power source and disappearing.

Those who are remembered by their descendents will be kept alive,and even active in this world through offerings,and help them.Until their descendents are all gone,and no one is left to remember them.And then they die,and cease to exist.

Those who are forgotten by their descendents cease to exist.

Those who live off of other beings don’t need to be remembered.Vampires kill spirits in the afterlife to eat them.Until a bigger fish eats them,and they die and cease to exist.

Becoming an ascendant master higher than the astral plane yields a state of detached existence,and peace.Until of course,you merge fully back to Source and there is no ‘‘you’’ to exist.Or you get killed up there.

Those who merge with the Source,merge with the Source.That simple.Their entire conception of ‘‘them’’ ceases to exist,so for all intents and purposes they’ve died a second death.

Those who believed in a god but felt too guilty are often taken to hellish places,where they suffer because that’s what their minds make them want secretly.

People who get stuck between the physical and astral are stuck and need a psychopomp to guide them.

Those who believe they will thrive and grow in hellish places may be taken there too,and enjoy their stay.

Some who were aligned with a type of energy may grow with that energy will carry it into the afterlife.

THere’s a million different scenarios that can happen,but these are some examples.

And this is all pure UPG.Don’t trust me,experience this for yourself through shamanic core-journeying,evocation,soul travel,or other means.
I was originally not planning on posting anything,but nevertheless,since I had mentioned it briefly in a previous post,and Santa Muerte has given me the green,I’ve posted this.Though understand the things that were kept secret.

As you see,eventually all experience a second death,and all that was and is is to be devoured by the endless void.All things fade,even names,so nothing you do here will ever matter,nothing you are will ever matter,and no one does.Or will.Ever.

To quote Carlos Castaneda:’‘Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you’re about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you’re wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, ‘I haven’t touched you yet.’’

Be comforted by your Death.Love her.And let her teach and guide you.


Wow you weren’t kidding this was a lot of work. You did a fantastic job. I love the fact that she showed you the different robes and roles she’s plays… death is one of the greatest teachers of life.


Wow! Thank you for such a detailed post.
How did you evoke her ?


To summon Santa Muerte, I would advise you begin forming a connection by giving offerings. A properly consecrated altar is best, either to her or the workings of death, but your general one should work just fine as well. I would advise offering cigarettes, tequila, cigars, flowers corresponding to the robes, glasses of water, candles pertaining to the robes, etc.

Use resonance, such as colors, elements and incenses to configure different aspects(different robes), and not only feed Santa Muerte, but bring her into your room. Prayer is by far the easiest and best way to contact her, but if you are to make promises, you are obviously advised to honor them fully.


this reminded me of the movie coco

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This is a stunningly beautiful post. I am devoted to her always but am inspired hearing of your invocation. Thank you for sharing as much as you did.


Thank you so very much for this, @Arcane! It has helped me to better understand some aspects of a near-death experience I had. Much love & respect to you! :heart:


You seem to be very familiar with Santa Muerte, More exactly how do I have to evoke her?The whole ritual , which days of the week ,the hours, offerings. Thank you

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I’m Glade you posted this! Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!

@Arcane have you by any chance encountered Santa Muerte with 2 dogs?? I was watching this very interesting video that was an hour long that was talking about her origins and stuff and a few interesting things that this person said was that she’s sometimes accompanied by two dogs and can speak any language have you yourself have encountered this in your workings with her?

Oh and does she sometimes try to get your attention with the number 7?

I know many deities of death and the afterlife/underworld. But when people mention The Death without any specific name of deities, it was kinda hard to catch up. Do people talk about Thanatos, the primordial being that represents death, or they talk about other beings? Does THE DEATH a being and has a name or it is just a personification of natural law and then manifests into deities?

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