Deathbed Curses

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I have been endeavouring to learn more about deathbed curses. Other than narratives of examples, such as the victims of the Salem Witch Trials, and brief mention of their potency, I have been able to find little detail regarding the fundamental aspects of casting them.

Their potency being generally attributed to the life force being released upon the caster’s physical death, and the transformation of their essential will to that no longer impeded by temporal limitations, they seem to rank among the most effective and irresistible curses.

I would be most grateful for recommendation of any literature that discusses the spiritual mechanics of deathbed curses in detail. Anything regarding the components that produce the most substantial results and the effects of various forms of death on their potency would be ideal.

Likewise, if anyone here might offer some knowledgeable insight into this, I would be truly appreciative.

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There was a brief mention of something in one of Castaneda’s books that when a sorcerer pours all his focus into an object when he dies, it creates a cursed object. Since physical objects are only useful magically for the idea they represent, seems like the same could be done to the idea of a curse.

It again touches on the idea of creating something which lasts upon death with the “fire from within”, which is basically recreating a copy of your individuality for your awareness to inhabit after death. Hell realms might be a partial cohesion of individuality, a limited portion of the self, just like death bed curses.

The death bed curse seems like a bad idea in that regard. It’s wasting your one opportunity to get of the wheel of reincarnation for something petty and insignificant in the big picture.

the Yamadutas are dark beings during death attach to the hear commonly of heroine overdoses where it unleashes a haunting of death. The Yamadutas are beings from the fire realms used in India Black Magic. id elaborate more but i dont want to waste my time because people wont pay attention to your post unless you stay on topic to subject matters that are related to their standards. look up yamadutas of death.

look up pisaca yamadutas black magic

I remember learning about them a few years ago. Don’t they come in threes? I will have to re-visit them. Thanks for bringing them up.

i just light a black candle and stare at the flame for about 10 minutes then i say oh ye yamadutas i call you from the fire realms to chain and catch my enemy who offends and hurts me. then keep staring into the flame while imagining the target being brutally beaten and crying imagine rigor mortis coming over the persons body while chanting yamadutas kill him. i know using the name yamadutas and calling them works because afterwards i have a dark nervous feeling like im going to jail or that someone has died or that some is going to do something to me a dark dread fear comes over me,paranoia. i think its from calling the dark yamadutas.