My query
The spirit of death came to me in a trance and told me things.
The same spirit asks me to evoke / make contact with it.
The spirit knew me.

. Has evoked and invoked Belial in possession
He talked of truth and illusion… And I had to possess him. Okay interesting experience which I have to repeat. And be retested on something.
At the end of the communication he possessed me aggressively going from chair to the floor… Je reminds me of reality… Everything is real everything I have been told is true. - As i sometimes question my own accuracy -.
His exit was just as aggressive.
It’s been a couple of hours or so now. I have consulted with Lucifugue Rafocale for something else. He just made me sing and reminded me that I will go through something - im not saying Just now -.

Do who is death. His or Her Enn

It felt a masculine energy.

Cannot seem to find references on balg nor on YT.

Answers please someone.

And fuck. I am still in pain. Physical and emotional!!


Azrael, is one of the most common death deities.




Maybe Samael Chavajoth? Or Beelzebub he is also a fallen angel of Death

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Iy didn’t feel like Azazel. Or Bel Zebulon.
I will look into the answers and see

Somehow felt like it was Death itself.
Have yet to listen to the recording :notes::skull_and_crossbones:
Thank you guys


Death itself wow that is so totally hot!