Death spells not working


can i please get some guidance i tried a few different death spells over time when i see or get feeling it might work it seems to stop last second any suggestions what im missing or not doing right much appreciated


I think we all want to reign down more death on this fucktard Earth.

The classic failure of any spell is in the fundamentals.

Did you give a clear target and clear time?
Did you achieve the TG state or just yell at the wind?
Did you give yourself clear separation afterward?

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals.


Could you please expain more i sort of understand but not fully and whats tg state
I stated my intent and meditated on why and gather my negativity and hatred then i prepared my area and casted then afterwards ended and said my thanks and closed the ritual i cleaned the area and released the energy and went in another room and forgot about it im thinking maybe me being a satanist i should of asked for blessing and assistance towards what i was doing idk


So you’ve completed some fundamentals. TG stat is theta-gamma synce, which is a starting meditation state then rises to a powerful magical state to release pressure(aka intent). Have you done it? It’s essential.

A few questions: how long since been since you’ve done it?
Did you use any spirit?
Can you use any incantation?
What tools did you use and how did you go about the curse?

By the way don’t think that because you’re a Satanist means that you’ll get a blessing from Satan. That’s like saying a Christian so I’ll get a blessing from Jesus Christ . Both are bullshit. Unless you have an active working relationship with Satan and have spoken with him and has offered his protection and services then you might receive a blessing . It is until solid contact with one of the spirits you will receive a blessing not just by worshiping it or admiring it are you entitled to blessings.


Yes i used a incantation to raise a demonic army and i have a pact with satan for his guidance and protection is there any certaom way to get into thata i only meditatated on my intent and reason and its been a month since i did the ritual i rased armies of destructive demons whos rank and office deems for that i did a evocation and burnt prayer ritual to ask satan for help om who to assist and carry out my curse of death


Tools used i made a poppet of my target to direct my spell two black candles concrecrated for my spell i had my athame prepared my poppet was made of wax in tje image of target also i had released my hatred through speech first to direcr my negativity towards victim i had my altar with the poppet on it on a tray i only use silver and i decrated and towards destroyed and stabbed and mutilated the poppet


What mor fundmentals or essentials should i do or.include i study and.plan and gather things i really try to make sure its right because i respect my work and whom assists me and when im done im exhausted and about passing out tired


Would it be a good idea i heard from a friend to add symbolism in my work to make a coffin out of a box and have graveyard dirt and dress and preform a funeral after my work to further press the intent of tje death of my.vic


Everything you mentioned is on the money. And your friend is right. Making a burial for the poppet will symbolize its already been done. Adding graveyard dirt into the box, with some really hot spices or some ingredients of dead animals will further magnify its power. Wait some more time. Usually these things take 4-6 months. What will mostly happen is, Satan will take all that energy to build certain events to finally strike the victim. Given that you haven’t specified a death. give it some more months and continue to forget about it. Psychological retraction is essential, at the same time you want to see results. If it hasn’t happened in 7 months. Throw another bad boy or try a different method, but I doubt it will come to that since you did everything perfect.


Thank you much appreciated for the advice hard to find good people at times fedl free to friend me and hopefully later on may i mail you if i have any further thoughts and how would i gather dead animal remains if ever


I have the recipe for.goofer dust if anyone should need just if you do follow imstrucrions perfectly


Not that I disagree but as far as yelling at the wind- I’ve watched some of S Ben Quyin’s evokations of some more obscure entities- long story short- and obviously he is a very well accomplished sorcerer- but to the casual on looked that seems to be exactly what’s going on. Hard to say that he’s in TG state. But then again like I said his ways are well accomplished .


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

^ That’s almost always true with magicians, unless you too can see what they’re seeing. :smiley:


TG state, requires meditation and can be substituted with drugs like MDMA and acid.