Death Spell

Hi folks! Any effective spell to make someone seriously sick or ill? Are there any chances that the spell can backfire on the caster? I am just a starter in Magic. How do i prevent that from happening

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Depends on two things, how much attachment you have to it and who your casting it on. If someone cast it on me, they would end up getting pretty fucked up whether they had attachment or not.

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There are plenty of spells to sicken someone. If you can check out E.A.'s Baneful Magick it is one of the best books I’ve found and deals exclusively with spells to harm and kill. Do some research on shielding, and reflective type spells. If someone cast a baneful spell on you and you were able to return to sender they would be screwed if thy didn’t have defenses of their own put up.

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That means no body can cast a spell unless they fully know the person. In my case he is just a sick relative…who is making my life hell…

Not nessecerily, if you use one of the divination methods like tarot you can find out if it’ll bite you in the ass.


Not at all, if you have magickal protection they would not be able to hurt you with your own spell. If you were to battle one another basically the more highly skilled, stronger willed magician would win. Hiring a black Mage could also be an option. As Defectron said a divination is needed before these workings.

Thank you to all for the great answers.

I would do protection before undertaking this kind of work, since you state that you are a beginner, I would also have to question if your ability to do divination is good? You’re ability to hear and communicate with spirits? If not, I would go to someone who would be able to check if this person had protection around them, that is one way of the spell getting reversed back to you, also if they do magic and are sensitive they might feel the attack and they might start reversing stuff back at you.

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I’d make a poppet of black flannel and stuff it with baneful herbs and curios. You might try sulfur, mullein, graveyard dirt, black salt, and black mustard seeds. Don’t forget to add a personal concern or a name paper (his name written nine times, turn the paper ninety degrees counterclockwise, and write "Death"over his name nine times).
Then you’d baptize it. I would also carve their name on a black candle, dress it (and the doll) with Death Unto Mine Enemies (D.U.M.E. oil), and light burn the candle on another name paper made on the victim’s photo. For seven days, burn the candle and stab coffin nails into the doll. On the seventh day, the candle should be almost out. Before it goes out, burn the photo in it’s flames and put a spoonful of graveyard dirt or goofer’s dust on the flame. Finish him off by burying the doll, wax, and photo Ashes in a graveyard.
This is hoodoo spell. Remember though, no magic is surefire. It should screw him up big time if there isn’t anything blocking it. Especially since you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t expect him to die. But anyway, you must always cleanse yourself afterwards. You’re doing a spell for death, even regularcrossings require cleaning. You may get done negative energy or even a malevolent spirit attached to you. Take a bath infused with a tea of basil, Angelica root, and purified salt.
Good luck, and stay safe