Death Spell

Hey, I posted a while ago on this forum about a narcissistic ex. He keeps bothering me, I’m honestly scared of what he can do. He’s trash talking me on social media, he was photos of me that I don’t even want to imagine what he can do with them. He has no sense of anything, no empathy, no notion, no nothing. I tried so many things to keep him out of my life but now he’s trying ruining my life ever since I pretty much cut contact with him.

Please PM with some death spells. He is a horrible person who doesn’t care about hurting anyone to get his way. I’ve thought a lot about this and I feel this is the best thing I can do.

Can anyone please help me?

I won’t PM you to waste your time. Killing someone with magick is no easy feat, and the consequences are dire. I suggest reporting him to the proper authorities. A death curse would quickly result in death for him & a fate worse than death for you. Karma is a bitch like that.

Here’s a link to the domestic abuse hotline. You can find someone to talk to & maybe even acquire legal help.


Karma is only real if you think it is. Maybe her death spell is his karma for being an abusive narcissist.