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EA and Whoever;

I am working to put a Deathspell on my (both of them) twin Daughters captor and ten year rapist and abuser. He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years manditory imprisonment. He has only been at his permanent prison for 2 months and now he has his first parole board meeting this month. Very illegally he has smuggled letters to them informing them he owns them and the kids; and they shall never be free of him for god has willed it, yadayada. I will not have any guilts or worries about this action of mine. and plan to do it every 3 months till he is given an early release (FEET FIRST AND TOES UP AND AFTER A AUTOPSY). I am a soldier, and if I do not exit him; my daughters have 2 soldier brothers waiting at the gate of the prison when he does get out. I don’t want my sons to bear the weight, they have plenty of Taliban turbans to their credit. This will be the work of a warrior- both spiritual and physical- to protect my daughters and their children so they can have happy prosperous futures.
I have a question. Even though I have bought clay to make the effigy; I am wondering if I can use his Fundementalist Mormon Temple Garments which he wore 24/7 to make an effigy doll; essentially using his ‘shield’ as a weapon against him.
hope it is a good idea.


Sounds good.

Sounds really good, I’d add the handwritten letters as well to get his handwriting (after you’ve made copies and sent them to the parole board to show that he has not been rehabilitated and shows no remorse of course).


Make sure he KNOWS that what is happening to him is because of you. This gives some pretty good satisfaction. But make sure he knows that not directly from you, but in his intuition, his dreams, his feelings.


Wow stay strong bro, I was looking at 7-14 years for selling 5 grams off weed when I was 19 and this sick fuck has parole hearings in 2 months??? Might as well curse the scum bags that let these sub human predators off with a slap on the wrist while your at it also. Hope you slowly destroy this mans body mind and soul you would be doing your nation,family and all of mankind a great service!


Wow. What a piece of shit. Not that I’m against him suffering and dying (I hope you rot him from the inside out and drive him mad), but is there a reason you can’t give these letters to the authorities? Especially if he’s up for parole?

Frater I sent you a private message, I wanta help you, pm me

Don’t be shy to post his picture and name. :slight_smile:

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In what prison system is he in? (I mean state) Just out of curiosity of course :wink:

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There is an energy ripping technique where you mentally visualize the person you are cursing, visualize there aura draining from their aura and then the life force draining from their body. Then you throw some grey (death) energy at them, and into them. This is done while the victim is asleep, as they more readily receive the death energy.
I got this technique from the Joy of Satan (JOS) website, at the Satanic Witchcraft section… I am not endorsing this or any other site. It is just that the JOS site is the only place I have found that gives so many FREE techniques that a person can do on their own.
The technique also says to clean your own aura and body with white/gold light/energy the ritual.


Also, I have to add that with using energy on someone else, for better or worse, it is best to EVOKE the energy (use the energy outside of yourself(, as any energy that you invoke from inside yourself establishes a connection between you and the other person. This is generally not desired.
Also, they say to keep the grey (death) energy outside of yourself at all times. Get it from the outside environment and keep it outside of yourself.
Important safety tip.


[quote=“UndeadGod333, post:8, topic:1870”]Don’t be shy to post his picture and name. :)[/quote] I won’t- him and his whole cult compound are gonna be so fkn famous they may all move to mexico.

Gosh relatable. My ex abused my daughters but dragged me through court 3 year with all his scum friends and top barristers, got his name cleared, (i had noone supporting me legally or finacially or morrally either) and threw all the blame on me and dragged me through emotional trauma and suffered from him/them and left being victimised and targeted by authorities like a criminal… Aside a sick rapist is walking free and protected by a currupt system the pain and bleakness me and my daughters went through because we were made out to be as mental and liars to discredit us and ostracised and even now controlled by the same orginisation that supported him in court… its really messed up. They nearly drove me to the edge, but somehow i never had the guts to put on a full on death spell. What is holding me back? Kindness to humanity? Well amnt i human too? Its almost like they are not letting me too. When i want to get something done i find it so difficult and so heavy to do it. Now im reconsidering and recollecting my energy but feel weakend and dont know if the will/intent ratio is coherent in this case (i think e.a. mentioned in one of his videos about having will/intent fully aligened so to speak when doing such a spell… to really want it…). I could do with all the help i can get too, because i think the issue is all too close to me, all i ever thought the universe itself would definately do something in the end (even after waiting over a decade )over such injustice, but looks like i gotta do /sway/ intent it myself? Does that make me a ‘bad’ person, ‘black’ magician, ‘baneful’ magic. (I can see you dont suffer from 'old fasioned way of guilty concious/being some sort of saint and victim mentality, -and that is commendable, but where does one draw the line not to get back bad karma etc ) (but they have sent very baneful magick towards me in the past too anyway) , and justice and balance is important and it gotta be done. Also maybe this might not make sense, but i dont take non baneful magic lightly to either especially when its passive and not there in time of need. Unfortunately i dont know the perfect balance for the world because im not god (or am i lol) but whatever i do from now onwards (especially deciding to divulge in the baneful type, is to keep balance and order not for blatant self satisfaction destroying - but i also expect from the universe the same in return, no karma returns etc if i have suffered in silence unfairly more than enough). Idk idk. Ive given up on justice in the court system…Im so tired of fighting an unfair fight. I hope magick will give me a second chance at life. And justice be done. - For me and you both.


we gave them- he just got extended to 2020. ha

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he is going to get killed in prison its only a matter of time.

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Hmn, so he’s living off peoples taxes and gets out in less than 2 years? Is it a silly question to ask why these perps weren’t tortured to death years ago? It’s not like you don’t have offers… Both of you… @Eve1.

Sooner the better. If anyone wants to hone their Execration skills, feel free to hit me up for info. personally I am fatiguing. Now my evil neighbor is on attack again; not only do I have this whacko in prison, I have this neighbor who calls the cops on me at least weeklym though 2 x this week. And I have a person come to request me to mitigate some “Spirit/Demon” entities hassling him abit- but he speaks only spanish and want me to be his personal ‘Sorceror/Protector’ which i am happy to do, but I am so nearly over whelmed with working to keep my wife alive with her dialysis, 24/7 caretaker- i hardly have enough brain cells to focus- not to mention i have to cancel medical appts for myself in order to make sure my wife gets to hers. i just wanna go club them both to death. I couldl walk away conscience free. i am too tried to even ‘draw up’ enough rage. I will gladly pay for spell help.


Hey bro PM me.

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This is the reality of my life RIGHT NOW!
My kids are a mess. Need help. I’m still new in magick