Death Ritual

Hi All,

I would like to perform a death ritual. Can any one suggest any method(s) please?

When you say death ritual, I assume you mean a ritual to kill someone?

As with most things, evocation is going to be your best way to go, there is a number of threads going about this in the Baneful magic subsection, specifically one for using Dra’talon from BOA which is recent and has alot of exposition on possibilities in it’talon/

Greetings Sidarth81!

However, in case you don’t mean a ritual to squeeze the life outta someone as Soundwave implied…LOL, and you mean a ritual in orcer to “comtemplate” the Physical Death process…let me know.

I shall dig through my Buddhist Texts and give you the steps for the actual Contemplation on Death Meditation. There are a few that after some practice are excellent ways for our consciousness to relies that yes, all this shit is going to end someday.

Hope this helps!!!