Death Premonition and Tarot clarification

About 3 weeks ago, I had a very unsettling dream my ex husband and father of my children, died. It was not revealed how he passed. In the dream, I had only received the news of his passing from one of his sisters, who was also in my dream. Then I received a very strong mental message while dreaming urging me to “get ready”. It was like a voice disturbed me out of my sleep saying this. I woke up, looked at the clock and it said 4:11 am, 4 minutes before my alarm. As I prepared to head to the gym, still in a fog over the dream, and ticking off a list of things to “get ready”, I jumped in my car and the clock in my car read 4:44.

To give you some background, if my ex passed away, I most certainly won’t be bothered. I worry more for my children regarding this matter than anything else. My ex is a malignant narcissist, and was financially, emotionally abusive and was gradually moving to physically abusive to me before we divorced.

Add to this, I have been “gifted” so to speak, with precognitive death senses since my mother passed away when I was a child. I have sensed for several people over the years that death was coming for them and even was given a sense of the time frame (months or years). I have never spoken to anyone about it and I don’t tell people about my sense of their loved ones passing. I’m just never surprised and always prepared for the emotional fall out when it happens. This dream felt just like the other messages, sudden and unexpected with a message of “get ready”.

I pulled a tarot card to get clarification of the matter and pulled 5 of wands. Still sorting that one out. I didn’t ask for a time frame, just wanted clarification of the dream.

Any guidance on this matter will help, especially the tarot.


It’s possible it is a subconscious fear of yours , even if you don’t consciously have any good or any feeling at all towards him at one point you did , it could also represent the death of him in your reality , I think tarot is a little unreliable for such a subjective situation as a dream that’s just my opinion , but who knows :man_shrugging:

Please believe, I have no fear of him dying as my personal life and mental health will only benefit and with my previous experiences since childhood with 7 different people before him, including some of my own relatives, I heed the warning. I also have never pulled a tarot for this type of thing, but my intuition told me to, so that’s why I’m stuck. I guess, in time I will find out what it means in hindsight.

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Well. You might not have any care if he died, and I can relate to that. For a long time I tried to bring about the demise of my children’s father because he was abusive to me and I knew he wasn’t going to change for love nor money and would drag me through any sorts of drama he could- for example he told everyone I knew that I was in a mental institution last year and that I left him because I’d racked up 60k worth of gambling debt.

It wasn’t true. When I came home, the letter of reference I had from the domestic violence shelter in Washington came out more than a few times to show people- who I would have assumed knew me better, that he was full of shit.

About a month ago I had a dream that I was attacked, then him and his new girlfriend were killed to get to my children.

I had only briefly really considered prior to this, that his death would make my children more vulnerable due to their grief and distraught state. I naturally figured I could aid in their grief and healing and worked against him up until about six months ago, then I finally gave up.

After this dream, I saw not only how vulnerable they could be made through his loss, but also how much more vulnerable I would be, because a good way to get to me would be through them. (Logically at least, I have differing thoughts because I know the state of my own heart, but most people would assume to attack a mothers children would indeed be to attack the mother)

I ended up telling my eldest child about the dream and she was immediately put on high alert, due to knowing I have had quite a few occurrences of dreaming things before they happened.

I guess I’m saying, don’t write it off as nothing, but don’t dwell on it if the answers aren’t clear. Maybe it was just a dream and maybe it was a warning to be watchful things could be changing as the five of wands can represent chaotic change if I remember correctly, and death in dreams is often similar and representing a major change in life.


I guess it doesn’t really matter then if you don’t care :joy::man_shrugging:, start doing readings for people is the best conclusion to make in this thread :rofl:

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I am taking it seriously on behalf of my kids. The message of “get ready” is not one I’m taking lightly. Thank you for the clarification of the tarot. I was so stumped by it. He does come from a very big family with a sociopathic mother (hence, the narcissism). I could see his family trying to glom onto my kids after his death as a means to take over his so called legacy, and step in as a means to show they are “family”. Either way, I see it, and my children get their intuition and clairvoyant abilities from me. It will be an interesting journey for all of us.

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So in my research, that 5 of wands still keeps calling me to sort it out. I have found it is a card directly associated with Glasya-Labolas.