Death of the JCI prisons

Do you guys think the Abrahamic dogma will eventually die off? I hope so

@Mulberry maybe you can offer your opinion on this, if you had any insight, since I know you despise these prisons, like me

Do you think the LHP dogma will die off?


My main thing is will any dogma wear off? No matter what you turn to or see there is always a dogma somewhere. Just my opinion.






Technically, LHP means not following any dogma lol


Yeah but the JCI dogma has and still is utterly destructive

And yet there is dogma :thinking:

It’s everywhere unfortunately. It best to just do your own thing and not worry about others.


I mean all extremes are destructive. I would even consider that the lhp has more destructive tendencies when taken to its extremes than Christianity does. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t spend more time focused on yourself rather than some other religion though.


Any dogma I have seen is destructive does not matter what, where, when, who, why, or how there will always be someone there to keep it going.


True, but I’ve never seen a Satanist, spiritual or not, impose their philosophy on others, it’s why I’m considering becoming a Satanist.

In my country (Italy) there’s the church and Christianity that rules, which I despise, because they use fear to subjugate millions, same as Islam and Judaism


In a lot of countries, including mine, it’s hard to practice your spirituality because a lot of people will judge you, so you hide. I personally am sick of it

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Careful this topic is a border line easy to cross into religious debates possibly even political.


Ahh if it turns political, Eva can cancel it. I don’t think I’ve brought up politics tho?

It’s mostly about religious dogma


I actually think the JCI mind control is a tool of a larger story, infiltrated - deliberately hijacked - and corrupted to assist in enslaving humanity.

That’s why you can still be a good person fooled into believing in the parts where people are told what they want to hear. All empowerment movements are targeted, even today it’s still going on, by real people, not a mysterious undefinable psychological mishap of the human condition.

As for dogma, I think that comes from people taking metaphor and coded writing at face value. Similar to the blinds written into grimoires, those who aren’t educated into the cypher have a hard time seeing what is really being said.
Add on top deliberate corruption of the later versions of the records and hiding of the originals (the Vatican has tens of miles of manuscripts no-one is allowed to read) and the info that does exist is suspect.
This corruption and obfuscation also happened to the Vedas. Just enough to make these documents mostly unhelpful for getting out of slavery, and not enough to lose all plausibility.

I think it happened less to qigong, which continued to be taught aurally o the present day, and as the CCP overtly kills spiritual practitioners and tried to stamp out qigong, escapees to the west finally authored books and taught it to outsiders. I’m always looking for the least corrupted sources I can find.

I think the original, un-doctored and unobscured information would be invaluable, but it wouldn’t be a monotheistic religion any more, it would be a self-centric, panentheistic philosophy based on personal responsibility.
I do think that modern eclectic magickal practitioners are closer to a having a realistic and accurate picture of how things work in the universe than any one religion today can provide.

For ideas on why this corruption happened and who did it, I recommend looking into the Farsight project. They are shadowbanned and their ty vids are censored, so you might have to dig, or watch the streams before they get taken down.


Thanks for your input!

LHP while you are correct on this forum you can see the existence of heavy dogma towards anything RHP or pretty much not forced under the LHP banner. And many of them shit on JCI faiths as if LHP hasn’t touched down on heavy religious or cult like mindsets of a self defeating label.



I’m personally against dogma of any kind, but the JCI has been very destructive, colonialism, war, pedophilia, instilling abuse and fear

Hinduism has become destructive as well imo

Satanism and Buddhism seem like the only 2 philosophies I can get with tbh


The upshot is, don’t waste effort fighting the symptom. The JCI mind virus is a symptom not the cause.
Walk away and get yourself safe, then understand the cause and fight that to help others.

I’m not mentioning the cause directly here, because the mind control hiding it is so strong, most people reading this can’t hear it. Best to research for yourself.