Death Note

Has anyone any experience with DEATH NOTE By William R. Wraithe?

The description is very vauge. I’m trying to understand what it is really about. Here’s a link:

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

No, looks like an expensive and obscure tome.

I clicked on this thinking it was about the anime Death Note, which is amazing by the way xD

Now that I read the description, I do feel power coming from that. But I am skeptical that it does what it says it does.


Yeah… i was just browsing, but still confused as to what its actually about.

it looks like to a grimoire that has some powerful rituals and spells / information on spirits. I sensed some uh power from it. Check it out.

I also was really hoping this was about the anime rip.

I was half expecting the descrription to say, “The human whose name is written in this note book shall die.” Lol.


I trust wraithe, he got me on this path. I’d guess it’s a baneful grimoire for killing haha

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Interesting. I guess I’ll check it out. Will update the thread when I get some more info.

To be honest, I just joined for the express purpose of finding more about this book. I have been eyeing it for a while, and plan to obtain it this coming Christmas.

If what the description says is true, I should get my hands on it, as I wish to experiment with its power. And if these others are telling of sensing some sort of power from this book, I’ll take their word for it. It could actually work.

If and when I get my hands on it, I’ll conduct a few tests right away and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

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I dont know that I trust it. Either the anime of Death note was based off of it. Or the book is based off the anime. In any case it seems suspicious and scammy.

Also. May I just say… 4.89 pounds. :open_mouth: that is a hefty book.

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So this is a straight-up anime Death Note made on the Eclipses with 700+ pages to be filled?

This reads as pretty inert. Any potential buyers might just be better off making one! $100 for a book like this is a Hail Mary.

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Adding onto this, and I could be crazy, but, is it normal to be drawn to this type of power? Pre-magic-interest me, pardon my foul language, wouldn’t touch this shit, but…I feel compelled to get my hands on this. I have for a while, which might be why I was eyeing this book in the first place.

Is its power that strong or is it just me?

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its essentially about a normal boy who happens to posses enormous amount of intelligence and despises bad and corrupt people, coincidentally comes across death note, the book posses by shinigami, angles of death. anyone whose name is written without specifying the cause of death will die of heart attack. thus light yagami’s journey of eradicating evil even with the cost of his own dignity begins.

Ahhhh! My aching heart. Which one of you got me?!


I’m a necromancy master! Did anyone get their hands on this?