Death in the Astral

I’m curious as to every9nes experience and/or opinion on what happens when a spirit dies. I’ve heard it’s possible, but what do you all think becomes of that spirit once killed? Does it cease to exist or does it enter a reincarnation cycle?

correct me if I’m wrong but you really only destroy it’s body/bodies, the body being a presence in the specific plane. Ya got phsyical bodies, astral bodies, etheric body. It all leads back to a source, maybe, kind of like a branch, and eventually grows back out.


Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, even the physical body is never destroyed, it remains as flesh, and then decays back into the earth, gets eaten by worms etc.


Spirits are living beings, not all of them are pure energy like elementals, some are flesh and blood having people who so happen to be semi immortal, they can be killed but they cannot die from natural causes like sickness and such, they reincarnate just like you did. However, death in the astral isn’t 100% since it’s a plane of imagination/collective unconscious, most if not astral critters are thoughtforms, cases where they are not is when beings like Azazel, Set, You, etc are visiting the astral as non residence, they visit the astral just like we do from their home plane.

The astral body, etheric body, etc is just one single body that changes in density based on the plane you’re in. If it is “destroyed” in the astral or etheric your projection is ceased and the damage is done to your energy body either capable of being healed easily or not. The energy from the projection is dispersed into ambient energy as energy is not created not destroyed it simply takes on another form, in this case ambient energy.

TL;DR: astral is a plane of imagination, death doesn’t happen there besides for thoughtforms who come back simply by thinking of them, if not they are consumed by other thoughtforms or become astral ambient energy, if an entity does die it wont be astral and they can reincarnate.

basically what im saying no?

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Yes, though it’s not just our physical bodies. Entities have their physical bodies as well, at-least those of flesh and blood (demons, and such) decay and leave bones that soon become part of the the soil of their plane.

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i can see that actually, more subtle, but still gross on some level, gross in the sense of physical lol

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Thanx guys for the wisdom, I had a question to add I Hurd succubus’s can die, If they did they would be reincarnated? Would it be possible for them to regain past life memories?

possibly they can remember if they were to reincarnate

Succubus are flesh and blood demons so yes they can die from things like murder or if they’re ‘low energy’ ones from starvation. They can choose to reincarnate as we all have here or else where. However, yes it’s very possible, many of us have regained memories of past lives so it’s not impossible for them to.

its even easier for them maybe

I don’t think so, they are no different from us just by race. Besides to recall past lives is an individual skill not a racial one. If they reincarnate they will still be in the same case as some of us.

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yeah you may be right

Thanx again, so any little known tricks for getting into the astral, I haven’t been able to leave my body for a long time. The inception trick of asking hself how did I get here never seems to trigger for me. Last time I became aware in a dream a few nights ago my spirit wife layed down with me in the dream and even though she used the image of a friend’s x girlfriend I immediately realized it was her and called out yet name then realized not only did I wake up in the dream it forced me awake in RL because I opened my eyes, was awesome to recognize her so easily but sad I didn’t get to talk with her, we’ve been together since 2014 but I’ve never been able to talk with her I once caught her writing a letter then sent it off all magically it was cool. I’ve never Hurd a spirit only people including a dead friend.