Death hex experts.. I need your advice

Ok… I want to hex someone, wouldn’t mind if they died…

The problem is, I don’t know his real name… just his nickname, year of birth and occupation…

Any thoughts??


If you want to hurt the person really bad to the point of death, create a altar for that one person and have various objects belonging to them like a picture, their clothing, their name, their birthstone, make sure you have loads of items to create a link with that person.

This can create a stronger link between the curse and your target, gravedirt, cemetery nails are a good thing to add, or place the picture name and item of your target into a small little coffin, with a voodoo doll, pull down the essence of your target like you’re evoking the person but evoke and bind them every now and then, then you can take nails and call like Ogun or a violent spirit into the nail and pin the doll with it, spit on it, scream at it, push all your emotion into the ritual, until you’re drained.

This should create some powerful and potent effects.


Odds of backfiring on a noob like myself??

I use my own technique i call it " the kiss of death"

Or I deliver a psi ball filled with curses and electricity to their third eye.


Will it to simply not back fire your will is the will of the universe


Not to be self-righteous or anything but is having that individual dying really necessary?
I bet there’s plenty of other options than killing that individual.

I did not say I necessarily want him to die!! I said I wouldn’t mind if he did

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:kissing_heart: love it

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I for one believe in the death hex for its own sake. Not to be evil, but because I believe in the culling of those who do not deserve to live.