Death essence and my experience

There’s something about death that really is weird regardless of tradition the biological changes I have noticed since becoming the closest thing to an embodiment of necrotic energies exploring death was always harder for me being as though everything in the boneyard had a price until both spiritual parents come through and have a roasting session until I accepted necromancer mantle fellow necromancers let’s share some tales in our lives and perhaps bond over common intrigue I need some friends

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What biological changes have you had?

Have you been cleansing completely after doing workings?

In my work, whenever I follow the “necromancy” way of doing things, it feels incomplete as a system, partly because completely misunderstands or ignores how human qi/energy works (or that it exists) and you can get very sick from taking in what’s basically the energy not of death, which is a transition between spiritual states applied to the spirit, but of biological decay, which is where all the bacteria and insects go into rave mode and consume the corpse.

The former is interesting but mostly irrelevant to an incarnate entity except when acting as a psychopomp, the latter is not energy you want in your system.

I follow the shamanistic way of working with the dead, combines with the blood sorcery techniques from Sorceress Cagliastro. There’s always the risk of issues dealing with lesser entities including human ghosts, but these seem like systems that cover all the bases. I also work with The Morrighan and consider myself a Morrighan working under her as a psychopomp.

I haven’t had any problems yet myself and I don’t rely on external entities to support my work.

The only issue I have at the moment is I cannot “carry” other spirits too long in my body as I will absorb them fairly quickly, within hours to days. If I’m transferring a fae spirit from a felled tree, say, to a new sapling I can’t take it home and sleep on it, I have to do it right then or I’ll kill it by accident.

I had a human ghost attempt to walk in, and I’m not sure if he meant to parasitise me but I liked him and let him stay, but I absorbed him so he faded and I returned to myself over a few months. This is an automatic process not on purpose. I think his qi eventually faded enough and his spirit moved on while the resonant energies just settled back into my regular patterns.


I’m going to be honest and say that this doesn’t tell us anything useful, as it is right now. Plenty of us have worked with this current. Please elaborate if you have something to say or want help/insight with.