Death Energy

Hey guys.
So I just realized that a major obstacle to my developement was a death curse put on me by some people from my past. I am surprised it didnt have much of an effect on me; either they are very weak, or I am one strong MF Im not sure lol. Anyway I felt the energy of it and it feels/felt weird. The way I see it in my minds eye is like the ‘snow’ effect you get when a tv looses its reception. That is what it looks like when I feel it. Long story short, is that what it is supposed to feel like in general? Or is it different for each person?

In my experience, it really depends on the type of spirit that used to work against you.

The FREE EBOOK Satanic Black Magic PDF tells something about putting a death curse on someone. It also talks about putting a white/gold light around your aura after using this technique on someone.

If its that weaak you can just do a limpia and be done with it, no different then taking a shower. You dont still cintemplate the dirt you washed off 3 days ago. You just forget it was ever even there.

evoke hades! you can asked for help to him ! hades is baddass for curse and death ritual
if he likes you, he can make all your enemy SUFFFFERRRR, he can kill all of them, OR just make them suffer, palsied or something like that