Death Current

I have been reading plenty of grimoires and articles acrros the web but something that caught on to my curiosity that i want to make it cystal clear I was wondering what does the death Current mean? I’ve also read some of the articles of V.K Jehannum and he sometimes mention “Death Current” does anyone here knows what it is and how can I use of it ?



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The term current usually is reffering to the power or energy that flows through or underlines a particular system for example. The Path Of The Dragon would be the draconian current, The Path Of The Tree Of Night would be the qliphothic current. In this case death current is death magick/necromancy/necromantic sorcery etc.

Its just another way of saying necromancy or death magick, sometimes the terminology ‘current’ is applied in a variety of differnet ways depending upon the context. Yet its 100% necromancy/death-magick/necromantic sorcery etc.


You need the balance with life current with death current. Fertility. You got to have life FIRST, before you can have death.

The biggest goddess of death is Gaia…

That is irrelevant and patently absurd @Crown


Are you saying only fertile people should work with necro?

Care to elaborate on that claim?

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Its called the cycle of life and death. The most powerful death deities are the life givers.


I am pretty sure the OP isn’t dead.

You are aware that many necromancers used to sleep near a grave, sometimes even in it, right? Right? Thought not, since the claim you are making is nonsencal.

Just because nature is a part of death doesn’t mean it is death. And thats being symbolic, bringing up a Greek primordial really doesn’t make any sense to me.

For the love of… :joy::joy::joy::joy: I really do not remember Thanatos, or, Azrael being a life giver or never heard of something even remote to this.

So do you have any proper answer that isn’t muddied in some confidently wrong symbolism?


@Crown what kind of $hit is this? The OP is asking about the death current as in Draconic or Qlippoth path and you’re spouting some nonsense about Gaia. That’s crazy.