Death Calling Me Home

Many years ago i was a Black Necromantic Lord, i was deeply immersed in the current of necromancy and death magick. I was addicted and did the most darkest, fucked up things while in that current.

After my descent in death and after i mastered all i did, i struggled but successfully left the current and i didn’t walk that pass for a very long time. However the dead are calling me back.

Let me explain.

Okay so lately for two months straight I’ve been terribly sick, terribly drained, been coughing blood up and vomiting blood, not eating or sleeping for days.

Body feeling broken constantly, feeling empty and hollow, even have massive headaches and migraines, been freezing and shaking, sleeping been terrible. Literally been feeling like the walking dead for two months.

Among other health problems which are private, i always look at things from a logical stand-point so i tried to be logical and tell myself it’s just mundane sickness not spiritually or magickally related.

I was wrong this sickness has lasted to long, my anemia has been crippling, among loads of serious health problems felt like i was dying. So enough was enough i needed to look deeper.

I meditated on it and ugh … i found the cause.

The legions of the dead are surrounding me, Lords of Death are calling me, The gods of death are knocking the doors and the powers of death are infecting me killing me slowly until i alchemically use the powers of death and harness it.

i saw the gateway of the dead, to all realms of the dead i heard a voice which i know which hisses through all graves.

it spoke " You were the master of all the powers of death, haha you cannot leave us, come home, come back to us and become who you once were, accept death allow the posion to course through you or die it is your choice ".

i bit my lip from feeling the old dark me, emerging from that dark cell within my core i smiled feeling the familiar undeniable essence and power of death.

I spoke " I am returning ".

From now on no holding back i’m taking necromancy to were it’s never gone before, expect to see a change it’s coming, their coming.




Welcome home brother, heres your Scythe
Hands fellow Death God his ol trusty Scythe

Nods with the shades
Hell Yes


Hail Brother, have fun, and enjoy your new found FREEDOM!

The dead gods got a bone to pick with you

I’ll be keeping my little eye on this.


:thinking: just a thought but it may be a good idea to explore the pathworkings of the Druj nasu, Push, Astovidtat and/or Az-jahi through the evocation fetishes over time if ya haven’t already. I started working with Aighash through the wooden idol method and have had all kinds of stuff dropped on my head in a short period of time :alien:

Thanks all and @Micah i will gladly take the scythe.

@Raven_Maleficus It’s gonna be one hell of a ride brother.

@AlphaC I know right :joy:

@Madrigoro Thanks very much brother.

@Dinmiatus Very interesting you mention that i did work with them the Druj Nasu and Az Jahi and now i’m looking into deeper death necromantic currents and thanks for the thoughts and stuff of that nature.


Good brother, let the fun begin !