Dear member, I am Venkat from India

Dear friends,I am Venkat from India. I am happy to be member of this forum because this forum like encyclopedia of practical magickal Knowledge.I am invoking Planetary Divine names, Archangels and angels of all 7 planets on its planetary days. To accomplish this task In the gamma state I vibrate their names visualizing their particular circulating all my body. Also gaze on their sigils in the gamma state. But Now I am planning for Evocations of Goetia Spirits. As i have new to evocation I have few some doubts.

I don’t have Black mirror or Crystal. Planning to use bowl of salt water as scrying device.In the table of practice I am planning to put sigil of any spirit of goetia in the centre of table of practice and put Bowl of salt water on the sigil.

  1. After reciting Conjurations will the spirit appear in the Bowl of water of some where in the room ?

  2. Can I see the spirit with open eyes ?

  3. If I see the spirit with my open eyes is it called physical or astral evocation ?

4.Do they communicate with like Human being ? Can they speak english ?

I’ll answer what I can.
1: If you’re calling them into the bowl (I.e., if that’s where you want them to appear) then you’ll see them there.

2: You can, if your astral senses are sharp enough.

3: I’ve never experienced something I’d call “physical manifestation”, but plenty of people say it’s achievable, so who’s to say. I don’t know what the difference is.

4: In my experience they communicate with ideas. As far as I know, language is no issue for spirits.

Hope I helped.