Dear Forum......I need your help

I am at the end of my rope, my health and energy is getting worse, and my magickal practices are not what they used to be due to most of my spiritual strength being diminished greatly…I ask you guys to please help if you can, any energy healers out there willing to offer help for free, and anyone willing to summon Enki or Ninlil or Angelick Anunnakis if they know how to in order to make a plea for my help, anybody willing to form a group willing to aid me and sustain me. Ask also Lucifer or Lilith for help, please…I trust the forum to help, but if you cant or wont I totally understand, I made my bed…I just hope I can get some kinda miracle…:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Lol, just saying, sumerians wont help you gaining your health back as human being, they envy the fuck out of living, especially if you have god soul - body connection, they cant stand you getting love or energy transerfs…

forget lilith too, go to lucifer yourself…

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the Anunnaki are part of my family, I very much believe they will…but my connection has been severly damaged, it is difficult for them to hear me, same thing with Lucifer, we have chats but that is it, he has helped me how he could, that is why i am asking for stronger magickians to intervene on my behalf…

I will make an invocation to Lucifer for you if you want to.


Thank you…I really appreciate it :heart::heart::heart:

No problem friend… I am here for you :slightly_smiling_face::black_heart::black_heart:


You dont understand what this means for me…any kind of magickal help I appreciate greatly…:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: thank you very much sister…

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perhaps someone can also contact Michael on my behalf…

Drinking alcohol will definitely not benefit you.


I know…and im trying to stop it just like i did with drugs, but it eases the pain, but from now on im trying to stop it

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Try meditating to sooth the pain or peace spells. Taking warm baths with natural oils also helps… :slightly_smiling_face:


i used to do that, its just getting harder and harder to connect to my spiritual side, that is where all my pain comes from…

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I hear you… :pensive:

Keep it up though :slightly_smiling_face:


I am trying, I used to be filled with light…I was RHP, but I think I am in this mess because God and the Devil made a bet over me just like Job imo

It’s a double edged sword. It also adds to your energy problem and what you said about connecting to your spiritual side. Stop trying and start doing. You can do it. Spirit help those who help themselves. Healing won’t do much if you keep poisoning yourself. Not necessarily talking about alcohol here. Be well.


Stop trying to find cause outside of you if you want work with lucifer etc, you just get fucked like that

Also what is your definition of annunaki ? What about your family ties to them ?

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I don’t accept that and neither should you. Your connection would be based on something more than that. Spiritual energy is all around you, whats stopping you from accessing it. Nothing!

Realize that whatever is draining you of your energy has your permission on some level otherwise this would not happen.

I never recommend substances of any kind to dull pain, working on the root of the problem is a better use of time if your serious about fixing this.

I love this advice a lot :slight_smile:

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the mesopotamian pantheon, the Ancient Angels, my family ties I found out later in my life, its something they showed me and something they gave me

Yea, i been dealing with them many years now… never invited them to me tho… except few females… as i said in my first post, they are not “high” breed, they cant stand humans having higher energies, leeches, claim to own stuff they dont, claim to be reptilians etc…

They seem to enjoy de-evolution of man… so if you really need highener aspects of your spirituality, these are wrong gods

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