Dear Eric - this might be a crucial video for the LHP ppl at large

Hi there dear Eric, dear brother,
I greet you from Soul 2 Soul

first of all thank you for all you do,
I appreciate your efforts most deeply, that are most necessary for evolution.

as you may have noticed, there are people that use the LHP through the path of diabolism, who have no respect for human life or even life itself, nor this planet and it’s wellbeing - Those that are working the path of self-detriment instead of self-empowerment - and I feel there needs to be drawn a line in making that very clear discernment of the difference between the two in as many details as you can, so that people on the outside can understand the difference - because with the coming war, and preferably, now that there’s still time- beforehand - you nor any of the LHP people (I work with both polarities myself) would like to be associated with these ‘main groups- you know who’ - globalist that are about to be obliterated once the veils will fall or even before that, which is going to be very soon (certain spirits told me 2020- and it would help place things in proper perspective on many levels and help you to find more trust.
It is also important because there are in reality many magicians out there, and they will all do their thing according to what they believe is right on all levels - and it would be unfortunate to have casualties (because one can kill and be absolutely unstoppable by using white magick alone, too) because there would be associations with these globalist groups that most undoubtedly will be exterminated when people see what they are spiritually doing, and though we are dealing with these people, you , I and many others, there are beings who still don’t know that there’s a difference between self-empowering black magick and the detrimental path of diabolism that is aiming to eat the earth and all life on it…some way or another, the scourge that we are now fighting in order for life to continue on this planet in a way that is honorable.

Bless you Brother,
To a free humanity and a free world.


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