Dear brothers and sisters (Intro)

I’m Milan Ostojić
Dear brothers and sisters, I am addressing you with the purpose of referring me to further work with King Clauneck. I’m new to this world so I’m enter in your group with the goal of progressing. All you have to do is to telling me all about King Clauneck. I want to learn all about King Clauneck. Pleas help me to learn how I can work with KC.
Thank you for allowing me to start a new life!


Not to sound rude, but you could click the search bar, type in the spirits name and have hundreds of comments that describe him, how to summon him, what he likes. Etc.

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Research to start here:

I have done evocation with him but it was a long while back. I would have to check my notes, dear.

Draw his sigil.

Offer him red and green apple wine or beer.

Your blood (pin your finger with neadle ).

Dragon blood incense (cinammon also work).

Give him respect its the very important part and your time.

His day is tuesday, (day time).

Also offer him flowers if you have some optional.

Get in TGS state and chant his enn.

Go to VK jehannum its on google with the word clauneck there is another invocation of him.

He is money Spirit/Demon/angel, but he teach you more about another aspects of your life, just keep out the greedy/lust of desesperation results, its will come alone. And treat him with respect. Start with this…


Clauneck wanted to see my business plan.
So I did a business plan and decided I didn’t like my plan after all. He’s so smart. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You reffer about clauneck?

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Yes.Edited to put his name in.

What you aspect if you’re putting your path on his hand… his is a very good teacher.yes he is smart, i was on the plane ritual right now with him and he told me to go on BALG, and the first tread i saw was of him, he cover my daily necesites so my goal is about to thank him, not to ask him nothing more. So Hail Clauneck :tulip:


I wasn’t necessarily expecting anything from him. I had spoken to Suhn’Tal’Ock prior to him and Clauneck was a referral to start with. So, I evoked him to do an introduction and ask him to unlock aspects that are in his domain, which he did. But then he asked for the business plan when I brought it up in talking.

BUT…had he not asked for the business plan, I wouldn’t have seen just how expensive the plan was and how maybe it wasn’t as practical a dream as I thought it was even though I really wanted to do that for a business. It was far more expense than probably the profits would have been given supply/demand. It was okay though.

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It was a irony answer, but when you contact with him and told him all what you want he will guide you…:wink::+1:

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Yes, I understood your meaning…but I thought I’d expand on the situation for the purpose of those reading, especially OP who was looking for more information on him and how he works.

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I also think that we are doing that, but like you suggest he can also check the search bar they are a lot of thread(information) of him after all… and here’s one more…

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Thank you my brother

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You welcome no problem.:+1:

I added “intro” to your title as this post has enough info to meet our criteria so you do not have to do another.